Fastest Growing Jobs In Minnesota

Fastest growing jobs in Minnesota

If you plan to move to Minnesota for a job, there are some things you should know about this state’s job market. Not all jobs in Minnesota are in high demand this year. However, some of the professions might one of the fastest growing jobs in Minnesota in the future.

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While you prepare for the move, consider looking for a new job at least one month prior to the move. You would want to have a steady income upon your arrival to a new Minnesota home. Life in Minnesota might be affordable for some, but too expensive for others.  In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at some facts about the current and future job market in Minnesota. You might learn more about the most in-demand jobs in this state.

What is considered a good job in Minnesota?

The definition of a job depends on who you ask the question, of course. Some finance specialists say that it’s a job that offers a reasonable, above-average salary. Also, they say that a good job should have benefits like social and health insurance. All-in-all, a good job is the one that an average family could rely on for the basic costs of living.

Minnesota view as the opportunity for the fastest growing jobs in Minnesota

Minnesota can be a good choice for you

Good working conditions, reasonable boss and an opportunity for a future raise are all characteristics of a good job. If you want to consider moving to Minnesota and feel like you can be productive and ambitious about your job, that’s the one that’s good for you. As hard as it is to define a good job opportunity, there are many jobs who are on the rise in this state. Some of the fastest growing jobs in Minnesota offer pretty good and stable incomes. The salary you can hope for will vary on many factors. Most of all, it will depend on your education level and previous job experience.

What wage should you expect from the fastest growing jobs in Minnesota?

Every working person has different standards when it comes to the size of the salary. However, you could say that a person supporting a 5-member family will need significantly more money than a single person. If we speak of the basic needs of a family, Minnesota Department of Employment stated that the average household income should be around $87,000 a year. This means that not all jobs in Minnesota can satisfy the basic needs of a person with a growing family. Also, depending on your profession, and the city you want to work in, Minnesota can be more or less affordable to live in.

money on a pile

Depending on your job, Minnesota can be the right choice for you

The most currently in-demand jobs in MN

Some of the most popular job-listing websites in Minnesota clearly show the lists of the fastest growing jobs in Minnesota. Some of them are currently popular and looking to hire. Other jobs seem like there will be more job opportunities in the future. However, most demanded jobs in Minnesota this year are related to legal occupations, office administration, and administrative support. Jobs in the field of science and technology also seem to be among the most popular. There is a good chance you will find a job in Minnesota if you work in management and engineering since this field of occupation offers the highest median wage in the state.

Future of the fastest growing jobs in MN

buildings in Minnesota

IT jobs and manufacturing jobs are the future

According to official job-searching websites, the fastest growing jobs in Minnesota are in the healthcare. Many jobs related to the health and medical care seem to be growing in the past few years. These jobs rank as the most popular and the most in-demand jobs in the state. If you are a nurse, personal care assistant or a licensed practitioner you will most likely find a good job in Minnesota. However, not every job in the healthcare sector implies a high income. The annual pay for healthcare jobs varies from city to city. For example, the average nurse salary in Minnesota is $72,000, while the medical secretary can earn around $39,000. Besides healthcare, official sources say that information technology and manufacturing jobs might be the future fastest growing jobs in Minnesota.

Why aren’t more people getting good jobs in this state?

While speaking of the most in-demand jobs in Minnesota, not all people seem to be qualified for them. The reason is simple. The highest-rated jobs in the state require at least a bachelor’s degree. The thing is, many people applying for good jobs don’t own one. There are around 175,000 adults in Minnesota who did not get their high-level education degree. Education seems to be the major factor when it comes to losing good job opportunities in this state.

Another issue with the job market in Minnesota is the unemployment rate. Unfortunately, this issue affects many communities of color. Job market experts say that there is quite a big imbalance among groups in employment and labor force participation in Minnesota. Communities like Mexicans and many others work very hard to earn a pretty low income, barely high enough for the basic living costs.

What are the fastest growing jobs in Minnesota?

In the end, let’s take a look at the most in-demand jobs in Minnesota:

  • Healthcare and nursing jobs
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Office administration
  • Education (all levels)
  • Finance and economy-related jobs