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Reliable moving company – how to find one?

Trusting someone you don’t know is always difficult. No matter if it’s a new person you meet, a date you are having or a company you are looking to hire, easily gifting trust is not a piece of cake. The same applies when choosing a reliable moving company. In order not to make a mistake, taking all the necessary precaution measurements is a key factor. In the end, you do not want to end up writing one of those nasty reviews online despite how funny some of them can be. An educated decision always leads to success.

There are 5 elements that can help you decide on a trustworthy relocation company:

Company Reputation

Makes sense, right? Of course, it does. Checking out the reputation of a company can really help and lead you to a responsible mover. Seeing what people who have used their services in the past say makes your life much easier. There is nothing that can help you more than making sure a company you end up going with has dazzling reviews online. You don’t want want to end up doing moving everything yourself. Shining bright like a diamond as Rihanna would say, are the ones you are looking for.

Knowing how to judge a review

As many companies say, reviews can be misleading. Although it is a term they commonly use when you get them in a pickle, there is some truth to that. When you find a company online and go through their reviews, make sure they are credible. Most online review Websites have options where you can rate a review (Yelp, Angie’s List etc). This is the best way for you to see if they have a point and are speaking the truth.

Truth be told, people can be really mean sometimes and overemphasize their situation. If a bad review has many upvotes, it means people had the same experience, therefore it instantly gains credibility. If otherwise, you may end up passing on a trustworthy relocation company.

You can also see a lot by the level of detail in a review. If the post is highly detailed and explains every step of the move, from pick up, to drop off, that probably means they are speaking the truth. Looking for a detailed experience can also help you find exactly what you are not trying to go through. If you dread waiting for the movers to show up and not know when they are coming, finding multiple reviews that state that happening will definitely make the decision for you. A dependable mover just does not let that happen.

Sign on building saying when will you return

You do not want to end up asking a moving company this over the phone when they take your items.

The number/freshness of reviews

The content of reviews is not the only factor you should take in. How many reviews there are and when were they posted also plays a part.

If a company has just 6 reviews and they are all sparkling with rich comments about the company, it may mean they are faking them. Yes, it does happen. Generally, this is where common sense comes into play. Think of it this way, if you started a moving business tomorrow, couldn’t you find a couple of friends to help you out and kickstart the business? Of course, you could. I’m sure they would help you with organizing your move as well.

That is the exact reason why you should consider the profiles of people who left the reviews as well as when they left them. A review of someone who has posted 50+ will always have greater value than a profile with no picture and no history. Always consider these factors before trusting a review while thinking it’s a reputable mover. Find someone you can trust before using them for relocating household goods.

Angry gut yelling into the speaker

Avoid looking like this when calling the customer care department. Go for a reliable moving company. It’ll make your life easier.

The Human Element in a reliable moving company

I know, I know, “how can you trust them, they are just trying to sell you something?!”. Well, that’s not completely true. The old boiler room days that you saw in the Wolf of Wallstreet are fading away. Not everyone who has a sales tag attached to their job title is a con artist. In a moving company, in fact, it’s usually a college student, just like you, trying to pay off their debts working in a reliable moving company.

If the person that’s on the other end of the phone is a nice one, usually, it ends up being a good sign. The person that’s representing a trustworthy relocation company will always be kind, informed and honest. They will tell you what is possible, and what is too far fetched. As in all forms of communication, the first impression is key. Having someone who treats you right and answers all your questions in a helpful way will ease off your fear. It will also help with your trust issues. If you have them, of course. Be careful with this though, it may backfire. Some of them are just very well trained to sound trustworthy, they will say anything.

Consider all the things mentioned in this article before committing:

  • What the reviews say
  • Who is writing those reviews
  • When were they posted
  • How many of them are
Person extending a hand for a shake after finding a reliable moving company

Take a leap of faith. It usually leads to a good decision.


To summarize, there are many factors to consider if you are trying to choose a reliable moving company. The reviews and the human factor are definitely a part of it. If you are in college, just starting out in life, make sure one of your first purchases ends up pleasantly. The last thing we want is you losing trust in people so soon.