A Picture Of A Shared Apartment Building In Grove City

Finding a shared apartment in Grove City – questions to ask first

Going to Grove City, OH for college and looking for affordable housing? Then this article, Finding a shared apartment in Grove City – questions to ask first, is for you. Shared apartments are a great way to save on rent during college, you don’t have to move to a tiny apartment in the middle of nowhere to save money. We will tell you what questions to ask your landlord and your new roommates so that you choose a suitable apartment for yourself.

An image with a room for rent sign, asking for rent when finding a shared apartment in Grove City is a must
When finding a shared apartment in Grove City ask about the rent

The first question to ask when finding a shared apartment in Grove City is – How much is the rent?

The first question and the most obvious one is to ask how much the rent is for your shared apartment. Everybody knows to ask this question, but we recommend doing research. Look at the average rent in the city and even the neighborhood you are deciding to move to. By doing research, you can make sure that the landlord isn’t trying to pull a fast one on you.

Ask your landlord if there is any additional cost besides rent

This is an important question to ask if looking for an apartment anywhere. What are these additional costs besides rent? Depending on the flat, there can be many extra costs, like security and pet deposits, utilities and internet, etc. As you can see, there can be many additional expenses except rent that can add up, so ask your landlord about them. Your potential new landlord will gladly answer all of your questions, and you can relax now that you know how much will your new shared apartment cost.

Third question you should ask when finding a shared apartment in Grove City is – How big is it?

Ask how big your new shared apartment is for multiple reasons. You will be able to see if you are overpaying your rent, and if you decide to move in, will it be able to hold your stuff. If you by any chance miss judged the size of your new shared apartment and need to store your belongings choose a good storage unit. Your stuff deserve maximum safety, and a reliable storage unit can provide you with it. Remember that the smaller the place, the lower the cost of the rent. However, you are looking for shared accommodation, don’t go too small, you don’t want to feel trapped in a small place with your new roommate or roommates.

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A good location will raise the price of the apartment

The location

The fourth question you should ask when finding a shared apartment in Grove City is about the location. The obvious one is if it close to your college, but there are many more aspects. Ask your landlord or research if the neighborhood you’re moving into is safe, can you feel secure walking alone at night. Is there a grocery store nearby, you have any cafés close by where you can relax? Where your apartment is located is important because you will be spending a lot of your time there.

Ask the landlord what will you share in your apartment with your roommates

When deciding on renting a shared flat, you already know that you will be sharing some of the rooms with your flatmates. The rooms that are usually shared are the living room and the kitchen, sometimes bathrooms. We recommend getting an apartment where you will only share the living room and the kitchen because sharing a bathroom with someone you don’t know can be gross.

When finding a shared apartment in Grove City ask – What will come with the place?

What will your landlord provide you in your shared apartment in Grove City? Will there be a washer, drier or do you need to bring your own. Will the apartment be furnished, or will you be able to add a personal touch to it.

You have to decide what will be best for your needs, if you get an already furnished apartment you will save money on moving. Maybe, you can’t sleep in a bed that was used by someone else before you, then hire a reliable moving company Zippy Shell Columbus and they will help you move your stuff.

An image of a room filled with people
A good roommates can make your apartment feel like a home

Deciding with how many flat mates are you willing to live with

You have to decide with how many roommates you are willing to live. This will help you with finding a shared apartment in Grove City. The number of roommates should be a crucial thing for you. If you like to be social, we recommend going with two roommates. This means that there will be three of you in one flat. By going with more flat mates, you can also save money on rent. Maybe you don’t like socializing then, go with one roommate. You will still be saving money on rent, but you will have your peace.

When looking for a shared apartment in Grove City ask your roommates if they are tidy

Living with someone can be a nightmare if they are a slob. Asking your new roommates if they are clean after themselves is very important. If they are a tidy person and so are you, your apartment will be in top shape all the time. You can divide the chores between you and make a rotation.

Ask your roommates and landlord about pets

Depending on what you need, you should look for an apartment that provides it. Maybe you are a pet owner and need a flat that is pet friendly and a roommate that will not have a problem with pets. Or you are the opposite, so you must ask your landlord about their pet policy and ask your future roommates if they will bring any pets with them.


We hope that these questions will help you with finding a shared apartment in Groove City. Know that you can always move during the school year If you are dissatisfied with your current situation and that shared housing is an affordable option.