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Tips for finding off-campus housing in Florida in 2021

If you have decided to move to Florida to further your education, living off-campus has probably crossed your mind. Or, if you are a Florida native, you may want to move out of your family home. Finding off-campus housing in Florida is then definitely one of the things you have to deal with as part of your college move-in day preparations. However, there is no need to worry, especially since we are here to help you out. Just make sure you start your search early and there will be no cause for concern. 

You can stay calm and collected because there are plenty of off-campus housing options in Florida in 2021. Namely, rental properties are aplenty within walking distance away from the University of Florida and other influential educational institutions in Florida. Hence, you can choose an apartment, studio, or student rental home that suits your studying habits and lifestyle the most. Just make sure you determine your budget early on to move out of your dorm room or hometown in time. 

Ask your university to recommend off-campus housing in Florida within your budget

If you are preparing to move abroad for your studies and you have set your sights on Florida, you are probably not that familiar with the local real estate prices. You can ask your university to provide you with a list of reliable rental options near the campus. 

It simply makes more sense to find your place in a student-friendly city or neighborhood. Not only is this a better option financially as accommodation is cheaper in these areas, but you will also have the opportunity to meet other students. Aside from this, you will also live close to libraries, cafeterias, cafes, and bars frequented by students. 

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University staff can help you search for off-campus accommodation in Florida.

Consider living in a shared flat with other Florida students

If off-campus housing in the area is too expensive for you to afford on your own, consider finding a shared student apartment. Having flatmates is sometimes unavoidable, but you will at least have the privacy of your own room. 

It helps to have a fixed monthly budget so that you can read the classifieds and determine which neighborhoods come into consideration. This will also allow you to take your search offline and check out the neighborhoods and places that you like in person.

Furthermore, once you finally find a place to live in Florida, you will be able to move things forward and start planning your relocation to Miami or some other Florida city. If you need a hand with moving to or within Miami safely and affordably, be sure to contact City Movers as they offer tips alongside student discounts.

two students sharing a room in florida
Consider sharing your apartment with other Florida students to reduce costs.

Hire a realtor if all else fails

If your university does not have a list of trusted landlords and your online search fails, you ought to consider contacting a local realtor. Realtors are frequently paid by the owner or the landlord of the property. 

However, sometimes the renter might be charged as much as one month of commission for the realtor’s services. As much as you want to avoid extra costs, sometimes this is the best possible solution. The real estate agent will be able to find housing that is significantly cheaper or nicer than what you were able to find. In that sense, this expense will pay off in the long run. 

Make sure you start your search well before the start of the semester. This will allow room for error in case you are having difficulties with finding a suitable place in Miami or some other city in Florida. Also, make sure you take into account the time and the money you will need to move to Miami. So, be sure to find affordable and responsible experts for this type of relocation since you might encounter problems if you are unable to attend lectures in the first few weeks. 

Research the landlord’s reputation

Finding off-campus housing in Florida is more than just finding a place that is nice and cheap. You want to find a reputable landlord who will be not only responsible but also tolerant. So, you want a landlord who follows up with maintenance requests and respects your privacy. (And if you are lucky, a landlord who will be fine with an occasional party or get-together.) 

While you are attending showings, be sure to ask the landlord about house and payment policies. In this way, you will be able to assess if the landlord tolerates if you pay your rent a bit later or if it is alright if people come over. Ask anything that comes to mind in order to assess if you and your landlord will get along. You can even ask the landlord for previous renter’s referrals. Also, take note of what they say about the property and check online if this is really the case. 

a girl in student apartment studying and smiling
You need a place where you can live comfortably.

Check out off-campus housing in Florida in person

If you have the option, be sure to check out the property in person. Photos can be deceiving. For instance, mirrors and photos taken from the corner make the room appear much bigger. Another argument for actually viewing the place before you sign the rental contract is that online or renter reviews may be biased or inaccurate. 

Essentially, different people are content with different living conditions. You might be appalled by something someone else finds completely acceptable. On the other hand, you could be much more lenient. So, the apartment itself could be a bit lacking, but the location or the area might make up for it. So, if you do not take your house-hunting in Florida offline, you will never know. 

Take a good friend or a family member with you

If you do not have a lot of experience with finding off-campus housing in Florida, you could get caught up in the details or make a wrong assessment. For instance, the price could sway you into thinking you have finally found a room or an apartment for yourself. However, an experienced eye of a friend or a relative will notice all faults you may not notice on your own.