People Jumping - Enjoy Fun And Affordable Activities For Students In Florida

Fun and affordable activities for students in Florida

With gorgeous beaches, great weather, fun theme parks, and a good education system, it’s no surprise that Florida is an extremely popular destination for students. Plus, there are endless fun and affordable activities for students all around the state. From secluded state parks and historic tours to boat rides and more, the Sunshine State has it all. Students here can sightsee, get to know some history, relax on a beach, or experience other activities that are all under or very near to $5.

Here are fun and affordable activities for students to do year-round, and they won’t empty your wallet. 

Munson River

This Coldwater Creek is located in the state’s northwest and it’s the canoe capital of Florida. The river flows through the Blackwater River State Forest.

Water drop

There is a lot of fun and affordable activities for students in Florida, and visiting Munson is one of them.

Also, it’s one of the purest sand-bottom rivers in the nation. Because of this, a park is a popular place for swimming, fishing, camping, and paddling. Water is enjoyably cool and makes it an ideal canoeing option for paddlers of all ages. Especially young people and students. So, if you take this into account, it’s no wonder that Florida is one of the best states for college students.

St. Augustine Beach

For students that are a fan of fishing, this beach on Anastasia Island is the perfect place. Here you can cast a line from the beach or pier, and at least catch some Florida sunshine. On-site you can find available bait and tackle. And if you don’t know how to make friends after moving to college, here you can meet people. Because this beach also has picnic tables, showers, and a volleyball court. So, this is a good opportunity for students to have fun in the sun and savings.

Fun and affordable activities for students in Florida – Orlando

So, once you come to Orlando, make sure you visit Happy P. Leu Gardens. Because this is one of the top fun and affordable activities for students in Florida. Here you can smell the roses and journey through 50-acre botanical wonder. And you will find all that just five minutes from downtown Orlando. The gardens winding pathways lead you on a sightseeing journey of a wonderful oasis in the tropical stream garden, rose garden, butterfly garden, palm garden, and Idea Garden. Also, every first Monday of the month from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m entrance is free. Perhaps, after visiting this place you fall in love within Orlando and decide to hire the movers to help you relocate here. But, make sure you hire reliable ones. To do that visit sites like

roses - Happy P. Leu Gardens is a place where you can smell the roses. It's one of the fun and affordable activities for students in Florida

Spend a day in Happy P. Leu Gardens. It’s a peaceful place where you can see beautiful flora.

Hollywood Beach

This is a great place for students to spend the day unwinding. Hollywood Beach, near Fort Lauderdale, is known for its casual atmosphere and international flair. And for students who wonder how to stay fit and healthy during the semester, Hollywood’s scenic oceanfront boardwalk is perfect for walking or biking along. Or you can spend an afternoon exploring historic downtown. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and hosts many street markets and festivals unique to South Florida. Plus it’s for free. So, don’t hesitate, come to visit this beautiful place.

Key Largo and Key West

Adventurous students can kick into high gear on the developing Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail following the railroad route. Students that love biking can enjoy 70 miles of trail currently paved in segments that run through colorful Keys. But this trail is a breeze. Because of the stunning views of the glittery Gulf and light salty gusts.
And if you want to swim with the fishes, at the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, you can. The national reserve residents include coral reefs, kelp forests, deep-sea canyons, and underwater archaeological sites. But, there is no admission fee for visitors to boat, scuba, kayak, or canoe here.

Fun and affordable activities for students in Florida – Historic Florida

  • Mission San Luis – In Tallahassee, students can visit Mission San Luis, the western capital of Spanish Florida. Here you can tour a re-created community where time still stands. So, walk the plaza where the Apalachees played their traditional ball games. Also, visit the council house, it’s the most important structure in the Apalachee village. Don’t forget to visit the church that is built under the supervision of Franciscans, and at the friary where they lived. Because this is a very special place, where history comes to life. The entrance is $5.
  • Pensacola − This town has historic roots dating back to 1559, and it the city of Five Flags. Here, brick sidewalks and wrought-iron balconies among oak trees create a charming façade for art galleries, museums, unique shops, and cafes in historic downtown. So, you have to visit it.
  • Ybor City – A tour of Tampa’s Latin Quarter will give you a taste of Florida’s rich and diverse past. Ybor City has parts of the original neighborhood being declared a national historic landmark. So, if you want to relive Tampa’s dynamic transformation visit the Ybor City Museum.  Here you will see how this small coastal town became the booming city. The museum is located in the historic cigar manufacturing district.

 Miami tour 

So, there’re so many fun and affordable activities for students in Florida, right. But, this is one of the best free ones you can have. In Coral Gabes, Biltmore Hotel gives free tours of the magnificent property and grounds. And they do it every Sunday afternoon. Here you can relive the hotel’s early days and rich stories of the City’s past. The hotel proudly claims four-star ranking. Plus, it’s the only hotel in South Florida that is a National Historic Landmark. Maybe this tour makes you fall in love with this city, and then you wish to relocate here. But, just make sure you plan your budget when moving in Miami.

Girls taking a selfie

Every student should use this wonderful free tour.

Other fun and affordable activities for students in Florida

Other fun student activities in Florida are:

  • Marie Selby Botanical Gardens
  • Busch Gardens Tampa
  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
  • Rookery Bay Reserve
  • Castillo de San Marcos
  • Legoland Florida Resort
  •  The Turtle Hospital