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Guide for first-time renters in Houston Heights

Let’s see how we can help first-time renters in Houston Heights. This area is becoming very popular. The Heights, often known as “Greater Heights,” is one of Houston’s most storied communities and a wonderful place to call home and even┬ávacation. It’s a great place to live, shop, and enjoy the great outdoors. Plus, there are plenty of great places to dine, party, and relax. Surely you see the attraction. Renting is always a good choice if you are not ready to buy a home. But before you do there are things you need to know.

Let’s talk about the budget

This can help you not to make any mistakes. There are many opinions on how much money you should put into a home. The 5/30/20 rule stipulates that 50% of one’s salary goes toward paying for essentials like rent, 30% goes toward savings, and the remaining 20% goes toward discretionary spending. In regard to housing expenses, some professionals advise sticking to the 30% rule. Rent payments shouldn’t exceed 30 percent of a typical renter’s take-home pay. Multiply your yearly income by 3 to get a rough estimate of what you can afford. Subtract 12 from that figure. Do you know your budget now?

A calculator, a pen, and some calculations
Budget is always a big issue and you need to be careful.

Real estate agent or agency

If you’re a first-time renter coming to a new city with a tight rental market, you might want to think about working with a rental agent. When moving to a new city, it can be helpful to have a real estate agent that is knowledgeable about the layout and various neighborhoods. You or the homeowner may be expected to pay the agent a fee, but the exact amount will vary (by location).

If there is a big vacancy rate and many available rentals in the area, you may not need the assistance of a real estate agent. Unfortunately, that is really not the case in Houston Heights since this is a very trendy place. Once your realtor finds you a good place, you can call to help you with getting there.

Renters in Houston Heights have rights!

You should know your rights before moving into someone else’s apartment. It’s crucial to have every deal in writing. We call this – lease negotiation. That is a way to protect t yourself if your landlord happens to be difficult. Also, take pictures of everything before you move in. That way you will have proof. Chances are your landlord will be a nice person but you should not take any chances. Make every deal in writing and take pictures.

A camera lense
Use your camera or even your phone.

Take care

You have to take care of yourself. Houston Heights is a much nicer place than NYC and renting is much easier so chances are you won’t have any problems. Before anything else, you need to think about how to reach the place easily particularly if you are moving long-distance. Luckily, professionals can help you with that!

Final words

Good luck with your search and remember this is a pretty big deal so you need to be careful and find a way to protect yourself. Hopefully, we helped you a little bit.