There Are Many Kinds Of Moving Boxes. Even Ones That Are Alive.

Guide to 5 kinds of moving boxes

Believe it or not, there is more than one kind of moving boxes. Not all of them are the same, and not all of them serve the same purpose. Some of them are more sturdy and some are less. Some of them are less expensive, and some are pricier. There are a lot of different kinds of materials from which moving boxes are made, and there are many kinds of purposes for them. So, what is there to know about moving boxes, can’t they all serve the same purpose? In this guide to 5 kinds of moving boxes, we are going to see that the answer to the previous question is a most definite – no. Different boxes serve different purposes, and if you are going to use them for your move, it would be better if you know something about them.

Funnily enough, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to boxes. Many of them have different kinds of names, and people in different parts of the country call them differently. Sure, there are standard names in the industry, but different manufacturers call their products differently which can lead to confusion. So, without further ado, let’s pack for college!

Folding cartons (aka paperboard cartons and paperboard boxes)

Those kinds of cardboard boxes are among the most common types of packing boxes out there. You have seen those boxes before – just think of a cereal package. Those kinds of moving boxes are useful for something. Of course, they are used in the food industry most often, but they can be used and reused for moving too. Sure, you cannot hold heavy stuff in it, it is simply too weak and fragile for that. So, what purpose do these boxes have in a relocation process? Their main advantage is that they are cheap and easy to handle. Like many boxes, they come in different shapes and forms, but almost none of them can be used for heavier stuff. They are mostly used for moving light and non-sharp materials. In them, you can transport bolts, small and light toys, some personal hygiene, and even small and light nails and screws.

Set-up boxes (aka rigid boxes)

A phone saying hello.

Phones are usually packed in those kinds of moving boxes.

Those kinds of moving boxes are used when you need to transport something heavy. Rigid boxes are more sturdy than paperboard boxes. Also, you have seen these kinds of boxes everywhere. For example, new phones are packed in those kinds of boxes. Also, shoes are usually packed in those boxes. Now, we know what you are thinking – shoes and phones don’t seem to be particularly heavy. And yes you’re right. But the manufacturer wants to assure that their product comes safely to their customer, and since those boxes are more rigid, that means that there is almost no chance that their product will be delivered to their customer in a damaged state. Those boxes have extra support, and manufactories build them from a more rigid kind of cardboard. This is why they are also called “rigid boxes”.

When it comes to moving, you can use them to transport heavier items and items that are sharp. That certainly doesn’t mean that you can but something massive in those boxes. In moving, those boxes are usually used to transport things like hammers, some building equipment, bottles with liquor, heavier ornaments and toys, lava lamps, and so on. So, if you have something a little bit more heavy, use set-up boxes. But mostly, they are used for transporting libraries and electronics. They are sturdy enough for books, and usually, they are just wide enough for them. Also, they are good for the moving of electronic devices.

Corrugated boxes (one of the most boring kinds of moving boxes)

Kinds of moving boxes - corrugated boxes.

Corrugated boxes are one of the most common kinds of moving boxes.

A corrugated box is what usually comes to mind when thinking about boxes. Those are those classic brown boxes, and yes, they are most common in the moving industry. Even you probably have an abundance of them in your home. What can be said about them that is not known? Not much. You can use them to transport your belongings like blankets, pillows, carpets (if a box is large enough), books, and so on. They are usually not that durable, and they can be used only a few times. However, those boxes are cheap and easy to get. The only problem is that they usually cannot be used for carrying something on a heavier side.

Picture boxes (aka mirror boxes)

Those kinds of boxes are made for moving paintings and mirrors. As you can imagine, they are quite sturdy. If you have some artwork that needs to be carried to the desired location, use picture boxes. They are used to store and move artwork in them, and they are reusable. Those boxes won’t tear right away, moreover, they will last you for a long time. Admittedly, they are on a pricier side, but that is for a reason. They are made from better materials and their purpose is to protect valuable special items. They are used all around the place, especially in art communities. So, if you have a piece of artwork that needs to be carried to a new location, use mirror boxes. And as their name suggests, you can protect wall mirrors with them as well.

Wooden crates and bins

A wooden crate in black and white.

Crates are not a moving box, but it is superior in many aspects.

We know that crates and bins are not technically boxes, but they serve a similar purpose, and they are used in moving often. Crates and bins are used for different kinds of things, although most of the household things can be carried in them easily. Crates are far superior to boxes when it comes to moving large and bulky items, especially sculptures and similar in size special items. Plastic bins have their advantages. They are more sturdy than almost any kind of box and can be reused as long as you’re taking care of them. This is why we highly recommend using crates and bins whenever possible. Sure, they are more expensive than boxes, but they are simply superior to boxes.