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Guide to affordable housing for students in California

College life in California is one of those rare fulfilling experiences we get the chance to enjoy in our lives. It’s a gateway where you leave your inner child behind and move forward to prepare for the world of adults. In a way, it’s a place where you learn, meet new people, and gather enough energy and knowledge to advance. As a home to many prestigious universities, California is one of the most popular places for students. Looking for the opportunity, many students from all over the world come here to live and study. Meanwhile, there is a hard choice between dorms and other affordable housing for students in California. Some prefer living on campus while others are looking for more independence.

Affordable housing for students in California

There is a constant dilemma between the convenience of living in dorms and the independence of off-campus living. While plenty of students, for one reason or another, choose a more private alternative, there is a catch. With more independence come new responsibilities. From managing your financial situation by yourself to taking care of issues, for the first time on your own. Since life can throw at you both good and bad situations, it’s important to prepare well. So what’s there to know?

California apartments for rent

California cities have some of the most luxurious apartments for rent. By all means, try to stay away from those. There are many cheap alternatives you can find as a student. Even if you have a good job you should still consider other affordable housing for students. Usually, in the near proximity of colleges, you can find student-oriented communities. Limit yourself only on basic needs and don’t pay for more space than you need. If you need storage, rent a storage place, not a bigger apartment. If you need boxes where you can pack your possessions, buy those that will do the job. Eventually, you can find some for free. Additionally, rent a room, not the entire place. And consider affordable loft spaces that can be a great housing option for students.

Living in dorms in California

Staying in a dorm is one way to do it. Fortunately, California has many institutions that accommodate this type of housing. The majority of campuses offer unique options. As they are gathered around a similar subject, it can be hard to choose the right fitting. In fact, if you want to hit a jackpot you should start exploring what each of them is offering in advance. Which means, don’t wait for the last moment to make such a huge decision like this. With so many options, you will definitely find a residential community that suits your needs.

A look at one of the colleges in California.

California colleges offer unique options.

Things to consider before searching for other affordable housing for students in California

When it comes to other affordable housing for students in California there are many factors to consider. For example:

  • Living alone
  • Sharing the rent
  • Commuting and walkability
  • Home with or without furniture
  • Bills paying possibilities
  • Parking space
  • Pets allowed or not
  • and many more

It can be hard making all these decisions on your own, especially if you are coming from another state. Finding your way among strangers, and clearing your own path is never easy. But, you can get some help along the way. For example, companies like can help you move your furniture. Second, friends and family can help you decorate your new apartment. Third, some new friends can provide you with any insights from their own experiences.

Plenty of students attending the lecture.

How fast can you arrive at your lectures?

Think about the costs

Don’t go into the unknown blindfolded. As a matter of fact, learn to be organized and plan every single step. Every detail will count, and every little thing can increase your monthly expenses. Generally, there are many online options you can look for that can help you stay organized. Eventually, even a pen and paper are good for writing things down so you always stay on track. Also, check for various solutions that can cut your costs.

  • Prepaid meal plans are one way to do it.
  • Take a longer walk if it’s going to allow you for cheaper rents.
  • Consider finding a roommate
  • Use only essential utilities
  • Learn to prepare your own food
  • Buy on sales
  • Avoid spending money on bars
  • Look for a cheaper neighborhood
  • Get a job

In essence, living on your own is the first lesson that will prepare you for the future. It’s the first big test you need to pass, so learn to compromise.

Solo, or with roommates?

As a personal preference, this also depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend. And, on the fact if you are getting along with other people. With your basic needs, one room, one kitchen, and one bathroom would suffice. But if you are just persistent to get that beautiful apartment in a perfect location, consider sharing. Find a roommate and cut all your expenses in half. Be careful tho, there are all kinds of people out there so choose your roommate smart. There is also an option of a joint lease where you don’t take the responsibility for your roommate. Bear that in mind. Eventually, nothing stops you from living with more than one roommate. Just make sure you are all well organized and ready for this type of living. In the end, some of the long-lasting friendships started with sharing an apartment.

Students enjoying a picnic and laughing.

Some of the best friendships start in college.

Before signing a deal

Inform yourself about all the regulations regarding renting as a student. Signing a contract is a serious matter and neither of the sides should take it lightly. Probably, you will need someone to guarantee for you so your parents can help you here. Also, check all the obligations and directives you need to follow as a tenant. Sometimes, landlords can have strange rules that they “forget” to tell you about before you sign a deal. You can check all about it in your student legal service. Don’t hesitate to ask them for any additional information.

Living as a student is maybe the first big struggle you need to overcome. On your way to success, finding affordable housing for students in California is the first step to do. After that, it’s only up to you and your character when it comes to showing positive results. Be relentless, be focused, and you won’t fail.