The View At Various Buildings When Looking For The First Apartment In Columbus.

Guide to finding your first apartment in Columbus

A vibrant and progressive city of Columbus is the seat of the Buckeye nation. It’s a place that attracts many of the brightest minds thanks to Ohio State University and the amazing job market. However, if you are looking for your first apartment in Columbus, you should know how to make that process easy.

Looking for your first apartment in Columbus

With affordable living costs, great communities, and a progressive economy, Columbus attracts people of various backgrounds. Most of them are young people hungry for knowledge. But, there are plenty of fresh graduates who decide to stay here to improve their careers. That means, they need to eventually learn how to search for the best renting opportunities. To make it easier, here we’ll discuss a couple of important things to have in mind.

You will need a checklist

First, you need to make a list of all the important things you expect and need. From the number of rooms to monthly costs, various amenities, and features. Place everything on paper to calculate costs before you start searching for an apartment. For example, here is a list of monthly expenses:

  • Internet
  • Utilities
  • Maintenance fees
  • Parking and commuting
  • Storage
  • Pet fees
  • many more

Once you know what you need, it will be much easier to find the place and get moving assistance from, for example. Without this list, your search and choice-making can turn into a mess.

An entrance to Ohio Theater.
From theatres to restaurants, you can find various conveniences in Columbus.

Calculate your budget

Columbus gives you the big city living, without the cost of one. Nevertheless, you need to think about your money in advance. There are long term costs like rents and utilities. But, there are also various short-term costs that come with renting. Security deposit, insurance, and application fees are just some of them. Even finding Columbus-based experts to assist your move will need to be accounted for in these costs. Also, don’t forget that landlords usually are looking for an annual income ratio to be 40 times the monthly rent. So if you are not working at the moment, you might need a guarantor. To make apartment hunting more affordable, consider including roommates into the big picture.

Choose the neighborhood

Usually, moving off-campus to find the right neighborhood might take time. Considering you need to explore factors like commuting, proximity to work or university, and other things. Here are a few of the best neighborhoods to consider in Columbus:

  • Downtown – it’s the center of the city’s cultural history and home to the multiple theaters, Columbus Museum of Art and Topiary Park.
  • The Short North Arts District – the amazing creative hub of the city. It’s also quite a bustling area but with higher-than-average rents.
  • German village – with plenty of restored brick houses, shops, and streets it’s great for walkers. Small apartments might be expensive, but the bigger has the lowest rental price of all other neighborhoods.
  • Victorian village – Mainly residential area with many walkable parts. In essence, offers a great balance between a city and a small-town feel with quite affordable apartments.
  • Easton – one of the best places for young families with, overall, affordable prices.

Visit the place when searching for the first apartment in Columbus

Never agree to rent a place before you inspect it. There are many things to check before placing your signature on the contract. Take tours, ask questions, and inspect the entire property. Everything from signs of damage to water to heat. Also, it would be a good thing to spend some time in the neighborhood. At least to get a better picture of how it looks like to live there. Additionally, pay attention to red flags. If the offer is too good to be true, it probably a scam. If the landlord is pressuring you to sign or give a deposit before property inspection, simply turn around. Be extremely careful with these signs.

An old window on the brick wall.
A “rustic and interesting” looks much different from the “old and damaged”.

Find your first apartment in Columbus using these few guidelines and don’t rush. Eventually, with enough effort, you will find a perfect place and enjoy your stay in Columbus.