Guide to moving out of student housing

College years are over and you lived in student housing, now it is time to move out? Where to go, how to move, on what to pay attention to? Moving out of student housing is a must because student tenancies have the end, you cannot stay there for good. Make this daunting task as easy as possible with this simple and short student guide.

There are so many things you can do after college – of course, to find a job, but this is not the only thing. Have fun, travel a little bit, decide where to move. If you don’t want to stay in the USA, you can always consider moving abroad, for example, moving to France after college, Italy, etc.

Writing a CV.
Find your dream job and start a new life somewhere else after graduation from college

What is your dream job – sometimes it requires to move to a different state or even country. But, first, you need to find a new place where to move to, for now.

Tips for moving out of student housing

Where to start with moving preparations? This may be intimidating, but it is a normal part of life. After college, you need to move out and start the next chapter as a recent graduate.

  • List your essentials – filter through all your and decide what you want to move. If there are items you have used once, then you probably don’t need them.
  • Declutter – this way you can save a lot of money because moving costs depend on the size of the move. But also, it will prevent you from moving unnecessary items.
  • Pay all the bills – don’t leave your bills unpaid, it will just make problems. Before moving out make sure you don’t owe anything to your landlord and utility providers.
  • Clean the house – your flat should be clean when you are moving out. DOn’t leave your personal items and don’t leave a mess behind you. This way you will avoid cleaning fees being taken out of your deposit.
  • Ask for help – if you can not do everything by yourself, ask a friend for help or hire professionals.
  • Pack – gather enough packing supplies such as moving boxes and wrapping materials. Sort your items and protect them from damage during transportation.
Packing for moving out of student housing
You will need moving boxes and other supplies to make your packing process easier

Start a new chapter and work on your career after college

Decide where to move, and send a CV to the companies where you want to work. Explore the job market in the city where you want to live. Are there jobs for you? After moving out of student housing, life won’t be the same and you will have different types of problems. To split the costs, you can find a roommate after college, or to find different ways to save money. Especially if you want to live in an expensive city such as LA or NYC.