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How to handle college move?

It’s that time in your life when you are becoming more independent. It is a big day for you and your family. College move represents a new era of your life. Therefore, you have to prepare for everything that college life brings. Get ready for meeting new people in college and making friends for life. Also, be prepared to become a grown up. College life brings a lot of new things in your life, everything changes. This means one thing. You have to know what and how to pack. You need to know what to bring and what not to bring. So, listen to some advice and you won’t get it wrong.

People finished college

Going to college is a great life experience

College move should be well organized

When you hear that someone says that a college move is a big deal believe him. Because they know why they said that. If you listen about an experience of older students they will all tell you one important thing. That thing is that you shouldn’t overpack. You do not need that stuffed toy, or that broken lamp you are emotionally attached to. You need to have priorities. However, it all depends on are you moving far away for college, or you are moving to the town next to yours that is an hour and a half away. If the case is that you are moving far away from your home then you should make a list, that should probably go something like this:

  • Books
  • Sheets
  • Cosmetics
  • Clothes that you actually wear
  • Towels (always have your own towels)
  • Medicine

This list is just a mockup of how it should look like. Of course, your list should contain things that are important to you to bring. Once you pack them one by one you can just check them off the paper.

A man carrying boxes

You should make priorities when packing, you should pack important items first

How to pack

As mentioned already, you should create a list and write down the things you want to bring with you. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to a dorm or a new apartment. However, if you are moving to an apartment, then you should probably bring more stuff because you will want to decorate that rented apartment. You don’t want to spend a lot of money so you will probably bring some things from your home and try to decorate it the best way possible.

Therefore, you are probably wondering how to pack all that stuff you want to bring. First thing first is that if you have a roommate you have to count on that he will want to bring his own stuff as well, and that there won’t be a lot of space to let your decorating imagination go wild. So, take that as a relief, because it means that you don’t need to pack a lot of stuff. Take some boxes, and start packing and marking them. You want to mark them because it will be so easier for you when you start unpacking to know what is where.

Do not stress

There is absolutely no need to feel any kind of stress. Yes, you are moving, to another city maybe even state, but you have to know that this is a good thing and that there is no place for any kind of stress. If you feel excited that is a whole different story. It is easy for someone to just tell you not to feel stressed, it is a bit harder not to actually feel it. Moving, in general, can be very stressful, none the less if we are talking about the college move and a start of a new life.

College move shouldn't be stressful

You shouldn’t be stressed about your college move, you should be happy and excited

Indeed there is no need to be scared or anything, you should just be excited. When you start packing make sure to keep in mind that you are moving to college and that you should pack for that. Which means already mentioned. Create priorities and pack accordingly. If there is any room left for more things in your car, van or in the mover’s van, then you should take advantage of that and bring more things. Until you are sure that there is more room do not plan to bring some unnecessary things. Also, it is not like you will never come home to visit, and then you will have your chance to bring more stuff with you. You don’t have to bring all at once.

College move is a fun time

When you start packing for college it should be a fun time. Even though your parents may seem sad to see you leaving, they are really happy for you. So, act accordingly, be happy on that day. Go shopping for some new things, buy a new desk lamp or something that you need. It will make you even happier. Make the most of it. Have fun while packing and then enjoy unpacking in your dorm or apartment. Make sure that you pack everything from the list you made, and don’t forget to mark the boxes. Once you get to the dorm start unpacking and planning the best ways to use that small space you have and that you will love for the next four years. Get to know your roommate and start enjoying most fun years of your life.

College move is a great new thing that will happen probably only once in your life. It is a great experience and the feeling that you are becoming more independent is great and sometimes overwhelming. That is why you should learn to enjoy it from the moment you pack until the moment you start to pack again but this time because you finished college. It is definitely a great and most fun part of anyone’s life. You will meet friends for life, so no stress, just happiness, and excitement.