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How and where to buy your first apartment – Pennsylvania edition

Planning to buy real estate in the fifth most populated state in the USA is really a big step you can make. One would say it’s nothing more than picking a city you like and you’re on your way. But, it’s really not so easy to choose, when you have a lot to choose from. And that’s exactly why we are here. We’ll give you some nice tips on how and where to buy your first apartment in Pennsylvania.

Getting ready for the start

When you are new in the world of the real estate markets you naturally lack the experience necessary for making the right decision and the best possible deal. However, that’s something you can easily learn about. If you are interested in buying an apartment in Pennsylvania, the first thing you should do is to make a little research about the real estate market in the state. Since you’ll need to have a clear financial plan for such kind of investment, you should first find out what that real estate market has to offer, and for what price. In most cases, first-time homebuyers take a loan in order to fulfill their dream. Thus defining the necessary budget is an important step along the way.

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Create a strong basis.

Then, when you have a clear picture of what you can afford and what is offered, you should focus on finding the right option that will suit your needs. And here are some interesting ideas.

1. Downingtown – the first suggestion of our how and where to buy your first apartment in Pennsylvania guide

Situated in the Chester County, this Pennsylvanian borough ensures a nice suburban, yet pretty dense lifestyle. Downingtown is a popular place among people of every age. Great public schools and safe neighborhoods create the perfect atmosphere for raising a family. Well-developed companies and rich social life make this area a dream place for young professionals, too. And, the best thing is most people in Downingtown actually own their homes. The median home value is somewhere around $242,000.

There is no way you’re going to regret coming there for good. Plus, you surely won’t have any troubles dealing with the relocation process. If you look for assistance in the area, you will come across excellent local movers who will help you finish everything in no time.

2. Pittsburg – the Steel City

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania has been among the top most desirable moving destinations for a long time now. It may be because of its affordable real estate market, or the various possibilities this city hides. Anyway, most people claim there is no better place for real estate investments. The average home value goes around $219,500, and the residents like to say the buildings in Pittsburg are pretty well-built. What’s more, with the helping hand of the appropriate realtor, your first apartment in Pittsburg can easily become your favorite place in the world.

You can be sure your life in Steel City will be more than busy. Restaurants, shops, parks, many sport, art, and historic attractions. You’ll enjoy all the big city benefits at any time and still, have the irreplaceable quietness and peace whenever you need them.

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Find someone to help you make a choice.

3. East Norriton – a town in the Montgomery County

Here is one of the most popular places among young professionals and retirees. A perfect mix of suburban and urban lifestyle, only 6 miles away from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city. The median home value is $264,800 and the housings tend to be pretty economic.

For all those who are thinking about how and where to buy your first apartment in Pennsylvania, East Norriton may be the right choice. In fact, it is the place where more than 70% of the residents own their homes. People who live there say it is a friendly and safe area, and there is always something interesting you can do to have fun. So, team up with skilled professionals and make East Norriton your new home. The local moving services are far among the most helpful ones you’ll find.

4. Philadelphia – the city of brotherly love

This is the sixth most populated city in the whole USA. An economic, industrial, and cultural center of a kind. People from all over the world keep coming to Philadelphia to stay, attracted by the economic and educational opportunities it has to offer. And when you add the amazing downtown life, great public transportation, and friendly neighborhoods it’s not strange that it’s said to be one of the topmost desirable places to move to.

Therefore, if you want to make an investment and purchase yourself your own new home, the Philadelphian housing market is where you should start. The median home price goes around $270,000. However, you need to act promptly since in most cases, real estate doesn’t spend more than 10 days on the market.

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Enjoy the charms of one of the biggest Pennsylvania cities.

5. West Chester – the seat of Chester County

The first thing people would say when mentioning the advantages of West Chester is its proximity to the city of Philadelphia. However, that’s not the only reason why this town is a desirable destination. Its suburban atmosphere, the lively downtown area, and neighborhoods with a strong sense of community, are everything one can wish for when searching for the right place to buy his first apartment.

This area is well-known for its high home values. So, before you hire Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia to help you move into your new apartment, you should know that the median home value in West Chester is around $370,000, and sometimes it can even go above $400,00.

The next time you start making plans for your relocation, remember to check out our suggestions. We tried to give you a good starting point with this guide on you how and where to buy your first apartment in Pennsylvania. Now all you have to do is read it carefully and make your first steps.