Create More Storage Space In Your Dorm-room

How to create more storage space in your dorm-room

You can create more storage space in your dorm room quite easily by following a few steps. We all know that dorm rooms can be very small sometimes. Therefore, you don’t know where to put all of your belongings. With some planning, you will have all of your items with you without feeling that you cluttered the space. First of all, what is better for you plastic bins or cardboard boxes? For both moving in and storing items. Figure out what will you love more and use it.

Create more storage space by using your bed

You will need to use the space over and under your bed. This will give you more storage space for your belongings. You can buy and install shelves above your bed and put on them everyday items that you use. While storing belongings that you don’t use that often under the bed.

Storing items under the sofa
Be sure that you take advantage of every corner in your dorm room. That means over and under your bed as well.

This will make your dorm room look clean and tidy while not having to sacrifice any of your items for it. A lot of students go for home-sharing but you need to know the pros and cons before you decide if that is for you. You can still use the tips to make more space for yourself no matter if you are in a dorm room or anywhere else.

Multi-purpose furniture

Multi-purpose furniture will save your life when living in a dorm room. They will serve both as a piece of furniture and storage. Which is perfect for small rooms. You can use something like the right ottoman for your room. They look great while serving you with multi-functions.

You can also be more creative and express your style through them because there is a high variety of them on the market. Don’t be scared to buy more than one. You will need a place for people to sit when they come over, that is not your bed. It’s a win-win situation.

Reading on your bed in a dorm room
You can use your furniture for more purposes than just one

Use your door to create more storage space

An over-the-door organizer will provide you with more storage space that you will need. That way nothing will go to waste. Not even the back of your door. You can put your makeup, jewelry, bathroom items, etc.

The organizer can store a lot of items so think about what you will put in there and how will you organize it. Be sure to help your new roommate to move in because they are maybe over their head. Therefore don’t know what to do.

Of course, first, ask for permission to touch their belongings and what they don’t allow once you decide to create more storage space. They will be very grateful in the end. Who knows, maybe you will be best friends forever. That is the great thing about college and dorm rooms. You never know how much people will mean to you.