A Grey Building, Learn How To Find A Cheap Apartment In Idaho

How to find a cheap apartment in Idaho

If you are planning to move to Idaho, you are not alone. Many Americans choose to relocate to Idaho because it has a lot of benefits. But before you relocate to Idaho, you need to find the perfect apartment. The apartment needs to meet all your needs and be affordable. Lucky for you, College Moving Deals is here to tell you how to find a cheap apartment in Idaho.

Pick the right size to find a cheap apartment in Idaho

The first step on your journey to renting a perfect affordable apartment in Idaho is to decide what size you want. We do not need to tell you that the size of the apartment will increase the cost of the rent. The bigger your apartment in Idaho, the higher the rent. 

But deciding the size of your apartment depends on multiple reasons. 

  • First, how much can you afford to pay for rent in Idaho? 
  • Second, are you planning to live alone or with a roommate?

We will talk about how much apartments cost in Idaho later on, and then you will learn how big your rent budget needs to be. 

When it comes to living with a roommate, that is a personal choice. You will certainly save money by not living alone, and you should do it if your friends want to live with you. But be careful! Many people stopped being friends when they started living together because they could not stand each other’s habits. 

If you do not want to ruin a good friendship, you can always look for a roommate online. But before you commit to living with someone in Idaho, do a lot of research. When you finally find the ideal apartment, make sure to have plastic bins and cardboard boxes ready when moving. 

You need to budget to find a cheap apartment in Idaho

The second tip to finding an affordable place in Ohio is to budget correctly. If you want to budget correctly, you need to know the state of the housing market in Idaho. To save you time, we will quickly tell you about the average rent cost in Idaho. 

  • A cheap apartment in Idaho would be a studio, and it will cost you around 700$. A smaller apartment in Idaho is a good choice for someone looking to live alone and save money. If you pick this option, there are ways to maximize space in your studio to make it more comfortable. 
  • If you want to live alone but not break a bank, a one-bedroom apartment is an optimal choice, and they cost around 780$ in Idaho.
  •  A two-bedroom apartment would be perfect for a couple or living with a roommate. They cost around 980$ in Idaho. 
  • Families should choose either a three-bedroom or four-bedroom apartment. A three-bedroom is around 1400$, and a four-bedroom apartment is about 1630$.
person counting cash
To find a cheap apartment in Idaho, you need to learn how much they cost on average in Idaho.

Choose the perfect apartment depending on your needs and budget. When you finally find the ideal apartment, you will need expert help to move in. Idaho has a lot of reliable movers, Peasley Transfer & Storage is one of them, but there are other choices out there as well. Now, since you know about the budget, let’s talk about where in Idaho you should live. 

Pick the best location to find a cheap apartment in Idaho

The third step in finding a cost-effective apartment in Idaho is to choose the perfect location. Choosing a good location can be challenging because you need to ponder many diverse factors. For example: do you want to be close to work; do you want to be in a quiet area; do you want to be in the city center, and so on. And most importantly, depending on where your apartment is in Idaho the price can vary drastically. Let’s talk about some places where you can find apartments in Idaho. 

a map of Idaho
Decide the best location in Idaho based on your needs, and make sure that it does not affect the rent too much.

Come to Star, Idaho 

The first city we will talk about is Star. Star is a small city with a population of only 11,000 people in the northwestern part of Idaho. You should move to Star if you want to get away from the clamor of big cities and are ready to embrace a small-town life.

In the city, you get all the benefits of a small town, your neighbors will welcome you, and you can walk freely without any danger. And if you do not believe us, you should see Star’s crime statistics which are well below the average crime rate in America. So if you want to live in a safe community, get the assistance you need from local Star movers and relocate there fast. They know the Star well and will move you in fast and hassle-free. One downside of Star, however, is that the cost of living is higher than the average in Idaho. 

group of people sitting at the table
In Star, you will not struggle to meet new people!

Check out Idaho Falls 

The second city you should consider checking out is Idaho Falls. Idaho Falls is a medium-sized city in the southeast part of Idaho in Bonneville County. Compared to Star, Idaho Falls has a larger population. Around 64,000 people live in Idaho Falls. So if you were to move to Idaho Falls, you would not have the strong community of Star. 

But Idaho Falls is more affordable than Star. The city is 10% less expensive than Idaho’s average city. The main reason why it is so inexpensive is because of the housing market, which is almost 30% less expensive. So if you are looking for a really cheap apartment, Idaho Falls is the perfect choice for you. 

You are ready to look for an affordable place in Idaho 

Here are some of our tips on how to find a cheap apartment in Idaho. If you follow our advice, you will find an exceptional and affordable apartment in Idaho fast and with no problems. We are sure of it!