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How to learn a lesson in 15 minutes

Believe it or not, the ability to learn is something you have to practice over time. And we know it can be really hard to sit down and study right after moving into a new place, city or even a country! But science proved that anyone could learn and memorize anything we want with special techniques for studying. This is basically learning about learning, the studying method that you can apply in any area of your life. In this way, your brain will soak up all the information you give it faster and use it more efficiently. So you don’t have to sit and learn for hours. And you can use the rest of your time to have fun. That’s why today we’re showing you how to use your full potential and learn a lesson in 15 minutes.

Decide how much you can learn

First thing first, depending on the length and the complexity of the lesson you may need more or less time to memorize it. So when we say 15 minutes, we mean around 15 minutes to learn a lesson. The thing you can do is to see what you objectively think is possible to be done in 15 minutes. Maybe you will have to split a lesson in parts. Or maybe you feel you can learn more lessons at once.

One thing you need to do is to train your brain to do useful things and not to procrastinate. For a start, set aside time to learn and choose a place where you won’t be distracted. When you first start to study in this way, you will need more time as you are now learning about learning. One thing you can do is to focus on complex tasks without taking a break. Try reading or watching a useful video about the lesson. Also, it can be really helpful if you have already participated in class when you were learning about this specific lesson. Being active in the class is another plus when you want to learn a lesson in 15 minutes.

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Stay focused.

Read carefully and with understanding

No matter the length of the lesson is, you have to read it carefully and with understanding first. No distractions, no phone, no Facebook. This is very important so you can comprehend the core and realize what is the most important. The main thing about learning is creating the idea of what are you actually learning about. If the lessons are too long, split them in half. Work on sections of five to seven facts before you go the next set in the lesson.

Underline the most important sentences or words. After the first read, if you have noticed what can be especially important, highlight the phrases or words with a marker. In this way, those group of words can be noticeable even if they are already bold. By using different color markers, you will create an image for your brain and enhance photographic memory. Also, if you have been going to classes, it can be really helpful if you learn a lesson as soon as possible. Don’t wait to disappear from your brain.

Tech what you learn

Once you have read and underline your lesson, try teaching this lesson to someone. By saying a lesson in your own words, you are showing that you have understood it. You can just start by saying what you feel is important, which will enhance your chances to learn a lesson in 15 minutes. Try to say what you have comprehended so far. You can look at the lesson and remind yourself about the fact with the underlined phrases. If you are learning about graphs or tables, try to simplify them on a separate sheet of paper. Remember that most of the time you don’t have to learn everything by heart, but it is the fundamentals that are important.

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Learn a lesson in 15 minutes

Repeat learning every day to learn a lesson in 15 minutes

Good working habits have a strong effect on the brain. The point is not about learning things, it’s about repeating the process of learning itself. You know what they say: practice makes it perfect. However, the thing you have to do is usually what becomes boring. That’s why children and students tend to forget that learning can be fun too.

It is important to try and find something that is interesting that will help you memorize the lesson faster. It’s funny how you can recall your favorite series by the smallest detail… While the lesson that we are studying is gone from our mind in two days! For some people, it is easier to visualize facts. In this way, you are making them unique in your brain and thus easier to memorize.

Use what you know to learn what you don’t know

Having a problem remembering the specific topic and you cannot remember certain facts? It is necessary to find a connection with something that you already know. This is called associative learning. For example, if you have a problem with math and like basketball, you need to find similarities between these two subjects. If you connect things together, you are actually rebuilding your knowledge. In this way, you are mastering the skill of what you already know and adding the knowledge about what you want to learn about.

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No procrastination is the key

Optimism is the way to successful learning  

We all know that panic is the killer of knowledge. If you are overstressed and worry too much, you are not really going to learn a lesson in 15 minutes. Stressing about failure leads to mental blockage. And doubting yourself can even lead to anxiety. This is actually counterproductive when it comes to studying. Studies show that you will be more successful in anything you do in life if we approach it with an open mind and see it as a chance to grow. Studying should be considered a great adventure so you can still continue when we come to obstacles in learning.

Of course, in order to learn a lesson in 15 minutes, it is also important to get a lot of sleep, eat healthily, drink water, get exercise if you can and spend some time with people you love. By keeping quality lifestyle, we give our brain a chance to remember more and to organize information better. Good luck!