Art Supplies Like Paint Are Hard To Organize.

How to organize your art supplies

One would optimistically think that artists and amateur artists only paint and sculpt all day. While that may be the case for one part of the artist’s time, the reality is more boring. Artists spend much of their time organizing and buying art supplies. It is a monotonous and boring process and it takes up a lot of artist’s time and energy. Many artists don’t even want to make art anymore after organizing their art supplies. However, if you want to avoid or minimize that, you, as an artist have to organize your art supplies in a proper manner. Yes we know, it is a boring process and it requires some time and energy, but trust us, after that you are going to be surrounded by more efficient space. You’ll always know where’s what. So, let’s begin!

Separate what you need from what you don’t

Depending on what you are doing, you’ll need different kinds of art supplies. You have to separate what you need at all times from what you need occasionally from what don’t need. This means that you can separate your art supplies int three groups:

  • The first group should be for the stuff you use every time you create something. If you are a sculptor you need clay, so make it handy if you sculpt with it. If you are a painter, you need paint, so keep it close to you.
  • The second group should be for the stuff you use occasionally. That can be whatever, it all depends on your craft and style.
  • And the third group should be for supplies you never use. Reconsider why you have them at all, but don’t throw them away immediately. You might find a need for them.
Art supplies all around the sculptor's studio.
One would think that artists only make art throughout the day. This is far from the truth. Only a small percentage of the day is doing something creative.

Organize your art supplies by type

Don’t keep it all mixed together! This is a classic mistake. Even artists who have diplomas do this often. We understand that some artists only care about the order on canvas, but for practical reasons, you need to separate your art supplies by type.

Paint brushes in their jars
Organize your art supplies by type

Buy or create drawers, you’ll need a lot of them. Keep a certain kind of paint in one drawer, another kind in another, and so on. The same rule applies to any kind of art, keep everything separated and easy to reach.

Get some extra space

There is a chance that you don’t have enough space in your art studio, no matter how much you try to keep everything organized. If that is the case, you need to get some extra storage.

There are two options. You can either move the stuff you don’t need that much to some other place if you have it. If you don’t have another room or space, you can always get a storage unit. A storage unit can be incredibly useful when it comes to storing art supplies.