Moving Boxes

How to pack when moving

If we had to pick the part of the moving process to be the most boring one, although it has a very strong competition, we would have to agree that packing is ultimately the worst. But, mostly it’s like that because people do not know how to pack. That turns a boring task into a very difficult one, also causing stuff to break, fall out of the boxes, and spill their contents. You are a student so when it comes to stuff you probably don’t have a lot, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to pack when moving. Chances are you will move quite often so it would come in handy to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

1.Make it fun!

How to pack your home

All the stuff you need to pack

Regardless of how big is your apartment, packing is going to take hours. So why spend them feeling miserable when you can feel awesome instead. We have a couple of ways to pack properly, but all of them include multiple people. So, create some game and challenges, invite your closest friends (the ones that like you enough to help you pack) and get started. Get some snacks, play some music and have fun. If college isn’t the place to do it, we have no idea what is. Make sure that you invite both guys and girls so both sexes can contribute with their own set of skills. Do not pass out alcohol until at least half of the apartment is in boxes

2. Throw away stuff you don’t need

Throughout the years, you have certainly gathered a lot of unnecessary items. All that junk is lying around somewhere in your apartment. We are not going to advise you how to pack that sweater that is more than seven years old and you wore it last time when you threw up on the clothes you were originally wearing. Out with it! You have a lot of options – donate, throw away, even sell, anything is better than carrying unnecessary belongings from one condo to another, without ever using them. If you have enough time, declutter your home before you start packing, but if not, just put all of that junk aside and in the end of the move you will see how many things you had and never really used. And if you decide to donate, you have a couple of organizations that will pick up your stuff for free (such as Make Space and Donation Town).

3. Hire a moving company

How to pack for a move

Pack like a professional

Even if you are only moving dorm to dorm, there will be a lot of stuff.If you are by chance going far, chances are this is your only option. In other articles on our blog you can read more about how to hire the best moving company. Besides actually moving stuff they can also help you with packing. It would be much easier to know how to pack if you know how will you be transporting your stuff. Experience shows that in this situation hiring professionals can help decrease the anxiety and stress, as well as the time invested in moving.


4. Create a plan and a to-do list

To – do list amongst students usually turn into I-never-did-that lists, but let’s try to make this one a bit differently. There is no point in knowing tips on how to pack if you are just going to use “the random method”. To spend more time drinking than wrapping create a plan and stick to it. Make it like a game – I don’t get to do something fun until I pack all my clothes etc. (If you are having doubts on how to do that you can check this helpful video.

5. Get all the boxes!

Wouldn’t it be fun to walk into your favorite liquor store and instead of buying the usual you just say – Give me all your boxes? The person at the cash register might be a bit surprised, but liquor stores are one of the best places to get packing materials. You will pack easily if you use not only your own bag and suitcase, that won’t be enough, but also a whole bunch of boxes. Get also a lot of duct tape, plastic bags and bubble wrap. For storing electronics, try to locate their original box and foam that goes with it.

6. Wrap. Label. Repeat.

When it comes to the actual packing, the process is very simple. First, make sure that you have carefully wrapped any fragile thing you have, that you have secured your liquids as well as electronics, that you haven’t damaged cables or scratched glass etc. When you do that, you can proceed to labeling that item, and don’t be afraid to go into details. The more you describe the packed items then to dig through every box, that is one of the best tips we can give you. You can also use towels, napkins and blankets as items that will protect any fragile objects that you might have. Also, another tip on how to pack is that everything that has a pair goes into the same box. Sound simple but we know a person who separated half of his shoes and then had to play puzzle in his new place. True story.

Also, make sure to pack a backpack or even a suitcase (if you are a little high maintenance) with all the things you will need during your first night – change of clothes, toothbrush, charger etc. Pack a plate and a fork as well, you never know when you might be hungry.

The whole problem is packing is that people usually underestimate the task and don’t plan enough time, or don’t plan at all. But, we have trust in you, our reader, that you will tackle this obstacle with knowledge and wisdom you have still failed to demonstrate in your studies. Or at least that is what your parents think! Regardless, to save yourself the trouble, stress and a lot of money, follow our instructions and you will be completely fine.