Man Trying To Have Pest-proof Storage

How to pest-proof your storage

People use storage units to keep their items safe while not having a need to use them at that time. But pests are something that can happen in a storage unit. This means your belongings are not that safe and can be damaged by them. We will tell you how to pest-proof your storage unit so your items will be safe. You will need to decide on plastic bins vs cardboard boxes. Look out for what is best for your needs.

Make sure you visit the storage unit regularly

This will make sure that your storage unit is in good condition. While you are there you can clean your storage unit to prevent pests from being in your storage unit. While you are preparing for studying abroad make sure that someone you trust does this for you. So your items will not get ruin till you get back.

You do not need to use harsh cleaning supplies for this. That can irritate you or the items. Cleaning supplies that are not harsh will be more than good for this job. This is one of the best ways of making sure that your unit is safe and your belongings are in great condition till you want them back.

You need to pest-proof your storage
The best thing you can do is visit your unit often. This will give you a clear picture of what is happening in there.

Pack your items properly to pest-proof your storage

If you pack your belongings properly then you are halfway done. That will prevent pests from going to your unit because they will have nothing to use in there. This means pack your items in plastic, do not store any kind of food in storage. For some extra help, you can use some natural ways on preventing them from going into your unit.

You can use some essential oils and cotton balls. Pests hate lavender and peppermint essential oils therefore you can put some on the cotton balls and place them in your unit. This will not give you toxic fumes which is a good thing to pest-proof your storage.

a storage unit
You will need to pack your items properly so you avoid pests coming to your storage unit. You can use different ways but make sure they are secured

Make sure you find a good storage facility

If you find a good storage facility then you will not have to worry about pests because they will take care of that for you. They will have a routine of cleaning their units and therefore making sure that pests are not there. You can also ask if they do some chemical treatment for that.

If they do then you know that they are serious about keeping away pests from the storage units. But make sure that the chemicals will not damage your belongings while some items are in the unit. If you pest-proof your storage, you can maximize space in your dorm room next. That will help you not getting your dorm room full of clutter.