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How to Prepare for Moving to Washington

Every relocation is unique and brings something particular to the table. No matter how eager and excited you are, moving takes preparation, both physically and mentally. There are some things you need to do and find out about the place you’re moving to, so the transition becomes much easier and faster. This time, let’s talk about moving to the state of Washington. This is the most northwest state of the country, and definitely one of the most interesting to move to. Here’s a simple, yet effective guide on how to prepare for moving to Washington, and have a smooth and easy relocation.

Prepare for moving to Washington on time

If you want to prepare for moving to Washington successfully, you need to do it in time. The move includes a lot of tasks that we often forget when we think about relocation. However, as the moving day is coming, these small tasks pile up and cause unnecessary rush and stress. So, to relocate stress-free and minimize the risk of making mistakes, be sure to start your moving preparations in advance. This could be weeks and even months before the moving day – depending on the size of your move.

organizer so person can prepare for moving to Washington

Use a calendar and a dedicated notebook to prepare for moving to Washington

Control your moving expenses

Relocations can get very expensive if you’re not careful enough. There are a lot of hidden costs that are small, yet they accumulate as time passes and create a huge bill for your move. Therefore, you need to be organized and aware of every detail of the moving budget. Make a list of things you need to pay for and estimate how much money you can actually spend on the move. Get a free estimate (a couple of them, if possible), to calculate roughly what your moving costs are. The detailed calculation will be done later when you make the final deal with your moving company. As you make the lists of all the payments, see if you need to do some savings – and check what you can do to reduce those costs.

a calculator ready to prepare for moving to Washington

When you need to prepare for moving to Washington, make sure to prepare your moving budget

Pick a place to live

If you’re not bound to a specific city because of work, do some research and pick the one you like the best. You can choose between Bellevue, Seattle, Bellingham, Pullman, Redmond, etc. Also, be sure to take a look at the housing market insights to know what to expect. You can really make a good choice here, but be sure to take into account your work, education, lifestyle preferences, proximity to your family, etc.

Prepare for the climate

When you need to prepare for moving to Washington, be sure to understand its climate. This is very important since the Cascade Mountains split the Washington State into regions of different climates. The eastern part of the state has a dry climate, with pretty cold winters. This often means additional winter equipment for your car, as well as the appropriate wardrobe, since some of the places reach 670 inches of snow per year. On the other part, the western part of the state is quite different. For example, if you’re moving to Seattle, expect a mild climate. Summers are not very hot, and winters are not that cold and snowy. There’s a bit of rain, though. Although Seattle is considered a rainy city – there’s no more snow than in some other cities like New York, Chicago or Boston.

Pack smart

One of the steps to do when you need to prepare for moving to Washington is to pack your entire home. Here are some tips on packing for the move that will help you go through it stress-free:

  • pack systematically and in time – if you leave packing for the last few days, it can get chaotic and very stressful. That’s why you should start your packing timely and do it room by room. Nowadays, you can find storage containers you can pack and bring with you, which makes the moving process much easier.
  • remove the clutter – don’t move items that you don’t need anymore. Dedicate some time to decluttering your old home before you start packing. This will make the move much easier, and of course, more affordable. You can also sell some of the items on a garage sale or simply – online.
  • label your boxes – be sure to write down the contents on each box. This will help you unpack after you arrive in Washington, and keep your fragile items safe, too.  You should also consider getting additional materials that will protect your belongings.
  • pack the box of things needed for the moving day – if you have a long drive ahead of you, prepare for moving to Washington by packing everything you need for the road. Additional clothes, snacks, drinks, etc. Also, don’t forget to pack a first-night essentials box. Pack all the things you’ll need for the first night in your new home in a separate bag or box, so you don’t have to go through multiple boxes to find a toothbrush or pajamas.
  • hire moving professionals – moving to a completely different state is complicated, so be sure to have appropriate help at hand. For example, if you’re moving all the way from New York, you need to have someone skilled in interstate moves. Stay safe by choosing a reliable company that knows everything about long-distance moves and the ways to help you have a stress-free one.
a key in a house door

After you take care of every detail on time, the move-in process will be much easier


Every move is challenging and can get overwhelming, even if you’re moving next door. So, when you have to prepare for moving to Washington, make sure to take this process seriously. Do as much as you can in advance, so moving into your new home doesn’t get too hectic and stressful. And most importantly – do everything safely. The safety of your family should be a top priority, so make sure to stay away from moving scams, injuries and unnecessary tasks that take away your money and time.