Calculating How To Save Money When Moving To Tampa For College

How to save money when moving to Tampa for college

You can actually save money when moving to Tampa for college. You just need some time to plan it all, find adequate help and focus. The key is, of course, sticking to your plan because planning is all nice and dandy but the only way it’s going to work is if you stick to the plan. We will also show you who can help you along the way and even earn some money along the way. That is possible too.

Earning money is possible

Here is how you can earn money and prepare your stuff for this relocation. Since you are moving to Tampa for college, you obviously don’t need to move everything you own. But you will need most of your things and you need to prepare them. The best way to prepare everything is by decluttering. Get rid of everything you no longer use or want. If you have some stuff that can be sold do that – that way you will earn some money. Even clothes can be sold and you can do it online you don’t have to have an old-fashioned garage sale. You can put that money towards your moving expenses. Moving to your first college apartment will cost quite a bit but there are ways to save money and even get some free stuff. Here is how.

A person counting money.
This is a great way to earn some money.

Free packing material

Packing material is going to keep all your household items safe until you arrive and you shouldn’t save on it but you can get some packing material for free. We are talking about moving boxes. You can get them for free if you ask nicely. Most of the big stores have them in the back and have to recycle them anyway. If you just go and ask, the chances are they will be able to give you some for free. Other things like bubble wrap you will need to buy.

Apps that can help you when moving to Tampa for college

There are some apps that can help you to save money when moving to Tampa. They can also help you with planning, organization, and pretty much everything you need right now. We are talking about moving and packing apps and the best of all is that most of those apps are free. Make sure to check your app store and download a couple of them. Your phone can be your best ally now. There are also some apps that can help you to manage your money and track your spending but also with many other things like settling in your first college apartment.

A man talking on speaker
Use the advantages of your smartphone.

Hiring movers – is it a waste of money or a necessity?

You can relocate without breaking the bank if you hire professional movers. This is not a luxury and pretty much everybody can afford to get real help nowadays. People who haven’t even called them and asked about prices will tell you that movers are very expensive and that it’s a waste of money. That’s not really the case. Movers are pretty affordable nowadays and they can help you a lot. With more than just transportation.

How can movers help?

As we already said movers are so much more than just people who will drive you from your parents’ house to Tampa for your college. They can do pretty much everything you need starting from preparing and packing you. But you need to find good movers that will do all that for you. We suggest you take a look at – this is a website where you can find movers that will suit you the best. In order to stay within the budget, you need to ask for an estimate. That way you will be able to stick to your strict budget and still get all the help you need.

Two girls packing for moving to Tampa for college.
Relocation will be much easier now.

Additional tips that can help you to save money when moving to Tampa for college

  • if you can relocate during the off-season – you will pay movers less during that time
  • if that is not a possibility then move during the week rather than moving on weekends
  • ask movers for a fixed rate
  • you can save some money on packing material if you use T-shirts and such instead of bubble wrap – this is also an eco-friendly way

Moving day and saving money

You can save some money on this day (and on the road) just by packing everything you will need along the way. If you wing it on the road and get everything along the way and buy stuff at gas stations and eat at the restaurants on the side of the road you will spend a lot of money. But if you prepare and pack everything you need you won’t have to spend anything at all along the way. Here are some things you should pack :

  • snacks
  • water
  • food
  • wet wipes
  • gel sanitizer for your hands
  • a towel
  • spare set of clothes
  • some music for the road
  • meds if you use any
  • some sort of entertainment

You alone will know best what you need and how much of it will depend on how long this journey will take. Make sure to find as many moving tips as possible.

If you are feeling stressed out and nostalgic later on

Before we go we should talk about a very common occurrence. This is not a tip on how to save money when moving to Tampa but it can be very beneficial for you. Since this is your first time moving from your parent’s house and moving to college chances are you will have some hard times at first. You will most likely feel stressed out because of the relocation itself (but movers will take a big deal of that stress away) and once you relocate you will feel homesick. It’s important to realize that this is a normal feeling and everybody feels this way when going through such a major change in their life. But it will get easier over time!