A Boy Studying After He Managed To Set Up A Study Space At Home.

How to set up a study space at home

Having a good study space at home is the difference between overwhelming and successful studying. In order to study efficiently, we require focus, comfort and organization. None of those are fully achievable if you are studying in a mess. As cliche as it might sound, it’s important to have good energy overall. It really makes the difference between great marks and barely passing. Therefore, throughout the rest of the text, we’ll share some simple tips on creating a beneficial study space!

Study Space at Home

Many don’t take this seriously, but it is important to have a good study space at home. Putting in a little bit of effort into setting up a comfortable and organized space will benefit you in the long run. 

The first thing you want to consider is where at home do you feel most comfortable and efficient studying? If it’s your own room or the basement, then ensure that the furniture you have is comfortable. If the furniture you have is stiff or making you move all the time, you’ll end up getting distracted every few minutes. 

study space at home
Whatever your studying habits are, the important elements are that your study space is comfortable, has good lighting and enables you to focus.

Next up is good lighting! Avoid straining your eyes or getting sleepy from lack of proper lighting. Your efficiency levels will rise if you can see clearly. 


Once you feel comfortable in your study space at home and have good lighting, it’s important to maintain an organized environment. Your mind is automatically at ease when the space you are within is tidy and organized. A messy space will distract you and surround you with bad and lazy energy. 

Therefore, if you need to declutter your space and have a “less is more” type of room, consider placing your things in storage. Find a good storage unit to clear all the clutter. This way you can free up your current space, but keep your items for future use. 


Ensure to also control the amount of noise around your study space at home. Some people study better with music, but if you need a quiet space, work to make that possible

A desk with all the necessary items for studying.
Make sure to have all studying supplies and materials, and try to stay off your phone.

In addition, remember to put your phone away! Our smartphones are big distractions, therefore set goals for yourself. After every few chapters read, or a few paragraphs written, take a 5 minute break and go on your phone. This reward system might even make you work faster. 

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School Success

Studying is not everyone’s cup of tea, but at the end of the day we do it to better ourselves and our future. With that being said, with our tips above you can begin to enjoy studying a little more if you have a cozy study space at home. We are more efficient and motivated when we are comfortable. Therefore, evaluate your studying space and see what changes you can apply to make it more enjoyable overall. Remember to put your phone away, grab a good snack and a coffee or tea and get learning.