Learn How To Unpack After Moving For College

How to Unpack After Moving for College

So, it’s time for you to start your life as an independent adult and live on your own for the first time. You’re moving into a dorm room or apartment, and begin unpacking the first box. But, then comes a thought, “How to unpack after moving for college.”
Unpacking can be both an exhilarating and frustrating experience. Balancing the home comfort with the necessities of college life can be quite a challenge. So, to make things a little bit easier, here are some tips on how to unpack after moving to college.

How to unpack after moving for college – where to begin

When moving day comes, the normal urge is to put everything in a proper place as quickly as possible. But, you can spare nerves if you keep two things in mind:

  1. There is no need to unpack everything in one day or even a week. You have plenty of time to unpack, decorate an apartment, or make your dorm feel like home.
  2. Make the unpacking process feel like the end of an enjoyable adventure.

Start with basic and most essential needs, food, rest and bathing. Then,  unpack accordingly, but focus on one room at a time.

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So, how to unpack after moving for college? Well, it’s best to begin with the essentials and take your time.

Unpacking with a system

You can’t just randomly open boxes, you need to know what are you unpacking. So, have a copy of the inventory list. Movers that assistance for your college move can provide it, or you can create it. Ideally, you’ve boxed up items according to usage or by room while packing. If that’s the case, simply examine box labels or open them up to see inside, before emptying them.

Begin with the essentials

Learn how to unpack after moving for college, begin with the essentials. When leaving home for college, the essential box should be the first one to get off the moving truck. Box contains essential items you need in the short term. Like clothes, shoes, toiletries, bedding, computer, hairdryer, food, etc.

In case you didn’t pack it, quickly search for boxes that include whatever you need for a couple of nights. Set aside all extra items, because you will have more than enough time to unpack them. and every item you absolutely cannot live without needs to be organized first.

 Avoid distractions

If you want to learn how to unpack after moving for college like a pro, avoid distractions. You can make a playlist of music for entertainment but avoid TV setup. Or don’t turn it on right away. Because you may find yourself sitting on the couch instead of unpacking. Remember to keep the distractions to a minimum. This way you can devote enough hours to get your new place ready.

Moving boxes

Stay focused and avoid distractions to finish the unpacking task quickly.

How to unpack after moving for college to an apartment?

  • The kitchen is first – Unpack the kitchen items and place them. If you labeled the boxes, you’ll locate what you need easily. In case you have time, line the kitchen cupboards and cabinets first. But, if you don’t, then unpack only what you need, including pots and pans. Hook up major appliances, and plug-in small ones. This will make your life a little easier.
  • The bedroom is next – Once you finish with the kitchen, unpack the linens for bedroom. It would be perfect if you have set aside a single set of linens when packing. Because that means you will easily get your bed ready for the first night.
  • Go to the bathroom – Usually, bathroom fixtures are functional already when you move in. But, you need to unpack towels, toiletries, and other bathroom items. Your apartment will feel like home if you have a comfortable and stocked bathroom. Start by unpacking the most important items. Things like medications, body-care products, and the shower curtain.
  • Arrange and assemble furniture – If you have a floorplan sketch of your new home before you move, do some arranging. Make a precise plan, and you will arrange it only once. Any large pieces that need mechanical assemblies, put together after you know where it will be placed. Do not waste time assembling large items that you may disassemble and move later.

How to unpack after moving for college to a dorm room?

When you move for college into a dorm room, you should follow some categories. They’re different parts of the dorm room. Here’s some of them, but you can change them to fit your needs:

  • The bed
  • Nightstand
  • Shelves
  • The Closet
  • The bathroom
  • Drawers

Try to follow this list of categories and start unpacking by its order. Make sure you don’t move to the next category before finishing the previous. Because that will mess up the whole dorm unpacking process. Also, if you’re moving into a tiny room – making the most of your space is something you should know.

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Make your new place feel like home.

Make decisions when unpacking dorm room

  • Set up the room – Designing your dorm room is one of the most important decisions you have to make. Where will you put beds? Is it going to be side by side or bunked? Where will you put the mini-fridge? How to unpack after moving for college and have the greatest amount of space? Well, first arrange the furniture the way you want it and all the big items. Then, you can begin unpacking little things. This way you will see exactly how much space you’re working with and how you’ll organize your belongings.
  • Decorate it – Of course, you have to decorate your college dorm room. Well, after all, that will be your home away from home for the next couple of months. Therefore, put some effort to make it as cozy and personal as possible. You can start by hanging up photos and pictures on the walls. Or set up a few decorations on your desk, and add a chair here or there. The decoration is a huge part of moving into a dorm because your space should be something where you are happy.
  • What to take back home – When you unpack everything you’ll have a full picture of how much space you’re working with. Probably, you’ll realize that some things aren’t worth the clutter. Pack them in a bag and get them out of the way. Then, take it with you, when you make a trip home.