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Japanese students moving to the US – make relocation fun and adventurous

Starting your college is difficult and may take time to adapt to. It is new and a big change in lifestyle. Now consider how it is for Japanese students moving to the US. They make a considerable change. Not only are they in a completely new situation, but also in a different land and culture. The culture shock can be great and the adaptation process can take a long time. At the same time it is extra stressful because they are living their loved ones behind, In this situation, it is necessary to make moving more relaxed. You should try to make it more fun, adventurous, and stress-free.

International move – Japan to the US

Let’s make it clear. A relocation from Japan to the US is difficult. It is an international move that takes time to prepare and execute successfully. This means a lot of planning and organization. It also means that you can’t really do it yourself. You will need help from both your friends and family as well as from professionals movers. So it is important to make sure to find the right crew that can handle a Japan to US relocation safely and professionally. This may be the most important piece of advice for your move. Having professionals to help you will alleviate the stress and help you make your move more fun and adventurous.

A man and woman packing boxes while involved in the process of Japanese students moving to the US
Your international move to the US for college cant be done DIY, make sure to hire professional help

Make moving more fun

Moving and fun do not always go together but that does not have to be the rule. There are plenty of ways that can make the move to the US more fun for Japanese students moving in. These countries are very different so those moving in are advised o research and get to know the US. This will help them prepare for the change and decrease the tension connected to moving. Even a short visit to the US will be helpful in choosing a college and to get the idea of the place you are moving to. This will help make the transition easier and moving more relaxed and fun.

You can also adopt some new moving routines to make the move fun. So, try to:

  • Be positive about the move,
  • Make packing a party
  • Use technology

Be positive

You should always try to be positive about the move. Put aside the sadness of leaving friends and family behind and concentrate on the great adventure you are embarking on. Try to listen to music to make the preparation more fun and faster. Try to sing, dance, and generally upbeat. Make a packing and unpacking playlist to help you keep your spirit up.

Young people partying
Stay up beat and positive and make sure to keep an open mind about your new life in the US

Packing party

You will need help packing. So try to recruit help from friends and family. Make a party out of packing and use the opportunity to spend some more time together. This will make your prep fun and serve a dual function. Do not leave everything to but get extra help to help you pack and move. Make packing a joyful activity.


New technology can make moving fun and easy. Use smartphone apps to take pictures of your belongings and boxes and tag and label them. This will make it easy to keep track of them and will help you unpack. This is not only helpful but will also keep your mind occupied and release the tension.

People packing boxes
Get friends and family to help and make it a joint activity

So, your move to school in the US does not have to be a shock and stressful. You can make it and adventure if you are creative. Make your move fun and relaxing.