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How to jumpstart your career in NYC?

College life if over and you graduated, congratulation! But, now you will have different problems. You should work on your career and do what you love. In your wish is to move to NYC (or if you already live here, to stay here), learn how to jumpstart your career in NYC and be successful.

Tips to jumpstart your career in NYC after college

Besides showing your ambition and taking initiative, you must work harder to have a successful career in New York. After graduation, you should make a plan for what to do next, because life in NYC is not cheap.

Jumpstart your career in NYC and taking the first step.

Make step by step when looking for a job or starting your own business in New York City

Whether you are starting a business in Brooklyn after graduation or looking for a job in some company, give your maximum.

  • Keep learning – your learning should not stop after college. For example, take a night class, learn a new language, work on yourself and learn new skills after college.
  • Consider a Master’s degree in one of the colleges in New York City. It is not for everyone, but consider this option and you will have better job opportunities.
  • Make your personal website and purchase a domain to show your work. Many artists in NYC have websites.
  • Track your work accomplishments because you will remember to update your CV or request salary increases.
  • Work on your communication skills and writing skills. Younger generations often have problems with face-to-face communication because of texting and social media.
  • Hire a career coach in NYC and a professional will know on what to focus. It is easier to have someone to help you jumpstart your career in NYC and to guide you.
  • Build your network and meet as many people as you can. Luckily, NYC is a perfect place for that.
  • Ask elders and more experienced co-workers for advice and how to make it in NYC. Listen to their stories and tips.
  • If you want to start a business in NYC, listen to your gut when hiring people, instead of just reading their resumes.
  • Be confident and grab your opportunity when you can because living and working in NYC is not easy.

Upgrade your knowledge and learn some new skills and new languages

Best places in NYC for young professionals

If you re looking for the best places in NYC to move after college, then you need a simple guide as a young professional. NYC has many neighborhoods, but some of them are better for working on your career from others. To jumpstart your career in NYC, you should the right place to move to first.

Street in NYC.

NYC is a huge city with many different neighborhoods – choose one and organize your relocation

Hell’s Kitchen

One of the best places in NYC for millennials and young professionals is Hell’s Kitchen because of diversity, nightlife, and job opportunities. The median rent is $2,300 but you already know that rent is not cheap in NYC. Also, it is a good place for raising kids too, not only for building and working on your career. The median household income is $96,500 which is a lot more than the national average.


A famous neighborhood in Manhattan perfect not only for young people that want successful careers but also, an amazing place for kids too. It is a safe place with many interesting people. The median household income is $124,300 which is one of the good signs. After work, you can enjoy and relax with your friends.

Upper Manhattan

Upper Manhattan is a more affordable neighborhood in NYC which is perfect for people that are just starting a career. You can rent an apartment without looking for a roommate. Commuting is easy with the subway, you can arrive anywhere in NYC.

If you decided to move here, have Upper Manhattan professionals help you settle in. Work on your career and getting new skills, while professionals are taking care of your move.

Financial District

If looking for a place to jumpstart your career in NYC, Financial District is one of the places to consider. Yes, the median rent is almost $3,000 and that is one of the main reasons why many young people avoid this neighborhood. But, on the other hand, it can offer you a lot, especially when it comes to a career. If you are moving out of your Financial District apartment, try to stay close and choose a neighborhood that is near.

How to move to NYC easy and fast?

If you want to move to New York City, how to move your belongings safely and efficiently? It is a well-known fact that streets in NYC are busy and the traffic is crazy. So, transporting and driving a moving vehicle by yourself is very dangerous, especially if you are moving for the first time.

The easiest and safest way is to hire a moving company. If you are moving your home or business to NYC, either way, professional movers can help you. One of the options is Heart Moving Manhattan NYC and you can focus on your career while professionals are packing and moving your items.

If you were studying in NYC, you need to move from a college dorm to a new apartment. And also, you will need moving professionals to help you move.

Diploma for graduation.

After graduation from college, try to jumpstart your career in NYC


To jumpstart your career in NYC you need to work hard because of the strong competition. But if you make it here, you can make it anywhere and trust us, it is worth it. You will meet a lot of different people here and probably try different jobs until you find a perfect one for you. Good luck with your future career!