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Should you leave your dorm and find a roommate in NYC

There are many reasons why college students move to New York City. Some move so that they can enroll in one of many great colleges. Others move because studying here opens up many doors and opportunities for later employment. And, some move in order to be a part of this amazing city, a city to make it or break it. Whatever the reason for the move may be, most students in NYC end up living in a dorm. However, we are here to tell you why you should leave your dorm and find a roommate. If interested in some pros and cons for moving off-campus, keep on reading.

You Will Have More Privacy

In theory, living in a dorm sounds amazing – having roommates to share a dorm room with, having even more of them on the campus, amazing parties, great friendships, etc. However, if you already live in a dorm, you know that things are not as great as they might seem. Being surrounded by people all the time can be exhausting and tiresome and if you are not ready to adapt to living with two or three roommates, move out.

Moreover, there is a lack of privacy too. You will soon see that sharing a room, bathroom, eating area and all other areas is not that amazing. So, if you agree, now is the time to leave your dorm and find a roommate in NYC. Hire a moving agency for everything you need in terms of moving and packing from a dorm to your new home. 

A student studying as you should do even it means you have to leave your dorm and find a roommate in NYC.

If you need more privacy, leave your dorm, and find a roommate in NYC. You will not regret it.

You Will Have More Space

Another great reason why you should leave your dorm and find a roommate in NYC is having more space. Yes, your apartment will probably be tiny too, but at least you will have your own bathroom, your own kitchen, your own closet, etc. When living in a dorm, we can all agree, that all those things mentioned above are shared. Nothing will be just yours. So, if not having enough space in a dorm is something that troubles you too, call Movers 101, leave your dorm and find a roommate. Just make sure you find the ‘right’ roommate. 

A student studying.

By having more space for yourself, you will be able to focus on your studies more!

Well, You Will Have to Leave Your Dorm Eventually

Why should you leave your dorm and find a roommate in NYC? Well, in order to have more space, more privacy, and an ability to focus on your studies more. However, the number one reason why all students leave their dorms and move to an apartment is that they eventually have to. You can not live in a dorm forever. So, move out as soon as you can in order to avoid all those crowds and chaos. That way, you will become more independent and more responsible too. But, most importantly, you will become more prepared for the NYC lifestyle and become a true New Yorker.