Leaving Home For College

Leaving Home for College

Leaving home is hard, no matter what the reason is. You are going away from your childhood place into the unknown. Whilst it is scary, it is highly recommended. What better way to learn how to take care of yourself and deal with any issues head-on. Have your hopes up, it is important that you feel positive and willing for a change. It is a hard road ahead, full of difficult choices, however, there is a prize for you at the finish line. When we talk about leaving home for college, there is a number of things to consider. You will meet a lot of strangers, but also make new friends. You are going to live on your own, which requires a lot of determination. Ahead of you lies a path filled with responsibilities and you need to make the right decisions when presented with a problem.

Success is a journey, not a destination

To be able to learn how to take care of yourself takes a lot of time. Discover for yourself how to recognize moments when important decisions need to be made. You’ve watched your parents your entire life, and learned from their successes and mistakes. When leaving home for college, have in mind that it will not be easy for them. You might think that you are the one making a hard choice, but they are letting you off alone, and they are worried for you.

How to address your parent’s worries when leaving home for college

Talk to them, easy and simple. It might seem like a logical answer, but most things always finish unsaid. Ask what their concerns are. Common worries that each parent has are:

  • safety of their child
  • is their child hungry or thirsty
  • what kind of people surround their child
  • will they drink or try illegal substances in college
  • will someone influence you in a bad way

These are all real concerns and you should not take them lightly. Ease their mind by talking with them and reassuring them that there is nothing to worry about.

Girl reads a book

Most of the time at the college you will spend studying

Always stay in touch

Never lose contact with your parents. In this age of technology, we have a multitude of options when communicating with people. Phones, text messages, video chats or e-mails are at your constant disposal. Use them freely and at any moment, they will feel happy and secure when they hear your voice.

Farewell party is a must

Same goes for your friends, while it may seem that they are taking it well, they will miss you. This is a perfect opportunity to throw a party, one night to remember. With some drinks and chitchat, you will make your friendship stronger. A good idea is to make preparations for a summer break or plan a trip together. This will have both you and them looking forward to your next gathering.

How to deal with long distance relationships

a photo of boyfriend and girlfriend

Long distance relationships are hard to maintain, work hard on it

This can be a topic on its own. Leaving home for college is hard by itself alone, but if you have a precious someone it will make the move even harder. It is smart to plan ahead, so check the distance between your college and your hometown, and think about ways to visit each other. This will not be easy but have no fear, trust your partner and maintain contact, talk every day. You can also write letters to one another, this will create romance and it has a personal touch. You will find yourself waiting for the next letter full of excitement.

Research the town before moving

Instead of being sad and homesick, conduct a thorough search of your college town. Find where are places to go out, what attractions you can visit. Make plans for yourself and feel happy and excited about getting to know more about your new city. This is an adventure, let the worries go with the wind. Check what college activities they offer. Rejoice, an opportunity to go to another town or a country is not to be missed! With this being said…

It is fine to be sad

Let’s face it, at some point you will feel sadness. We all attach to things and places and you are no exception. Embrace this, as it is a precious feeling, it only means that you belong somewhere. It will pass with time so have no worries, just take it all in and go with the flow. Accept the harsh truth and you’ll have better chances of dealing with problems. If you try to avoid your feelings and don’t think about it, it is inevitable that it will hit you later. If you feel homesick phone your friends, talk with them, video chat or create some funny videos and send them.

Packing advice

We cannot skip this part, you will need to take some stuff with you. Consider what you need to take and don’t overpack. It might be helpful to hire professionals to assist you, as it will take a lot of stress off your back. This will give you more time to spend with your friends and family before you leave!

photos of friends

A lot of new friends are waiting for you at the college

Smile, there is a reason to be happy

In the end, this is a positive experience. You are leaving home for college, to live on your own. It was easy when you had your parents to take care of you, but now it is time to become adult and learn how to be independent.  There will be a lot of new, friendly faces and new places to see. You are going to learn new things, to educate yourself and build a strong foundation for a successful future. Look forward to moving to the new city and embrace the opportunity with your hands wide open, you are free to make your own choices. Motivate yourself and move forward, this is your time now so use it wisely!