Life In A Student Residence

Life in a student residence

So, you are a student, freshman maybe, or a senior. Either way, if you have decided to go through your college life living in a dorm, well that is one of the best decisions you can make. From fun, you can have with your roommates and friends to study in groups or all by your own in a library that is part of your dorm. Therefore, no need to go far for anything. You have it all in one place. Life in a student residence can be so interesting and full of great experiences. It makes you grow as a person.

Lower life costs

If you decide to live in a student residence you should know that your parents will feel relief. Why? Well, one of the most important things, when you are studying, is your cost of living. Because, as you may already know by now being a student can be very expensive. Students loans exist for a reason. A big reason. However, if you decide and try hard to enter a dorm and begin your life in a student residence that alone will make your parents’ life easier. Because at least they won’t have to pay for a rented apartment that can be very expensive. As it is not enough that just one year at a Uni can cost a fortune.

dormitory hall

It’s awesome to live in a dorm

Life in a student residence means more fun

Life in a student residence can be the most fun you will ever have in your life. From day one in the dorm, you will start having fun. Meeting new people and making friends for life. Our parents say that friends you make in College last a lifetime. It is probably because you are together through thick and thin. And those are the times you see who will be by your side, and who will be there for you when you drink a bit too much at a Uni party. Because parties are inevitable when you are living in a dorm.

Every night there is some party, but then you have to make some boundaries for yourself. You must have priorities because you are there to learn and partying all the time. Having fun is fine here and there but you always have to keep in mind the reason you are in that dorm. There are so many fun things you can do in your dorm:

  • Going to parties
  • Playing social games
  • Decorating your room by your own taste (in arranging with your roommate of course)
  • Binge on your favorite TV show
  • Eating junk food

And there are so many more things you can do, but all that is something that you will experience and not just read about it.

two students

In a dorm, you can find friends for life

Sharing a small room

Life in a student residence means that you will probably have to share your small room with someone. And that someone may or may not be your new friend. It is up to you. You don’t have to necessarily like your roommate. If you are lucky then maybe you will have a new great friend with who you will share your daily routines while spending time in your room. The best imaginable scenario is that your roommate is someone you already know and you are friends with, and you know hers or his habits. But, chances that it will happen are slim to none. So, give your best to get along with whoever shares a room with you because you will probably have to see that person every day of your student life.

Mutual bathrooms

There are pros and cons for living in a dorm of course. And one of the cons is that you will share your bathroom with people you don’t know. If you are lucky you will have a bathroom inside of your room, but odds for that are low. Dorms usually have a bathroom floor, where one floor is using one bathroom. Of course, those bathrooms do not have only one shower or toilet, they have it four or five, but the point is that you will have to get used to that sometimes you will have to wait your turn to use it. It’s all part of the dorm charm. This is something that may sound scary at first but it is just something that will become a habit for you, and it won’t bother you after a while.

student reading a book

Sometimes, you will have to wait for your turn to use the bathroom

You will never be alone

It may sound scary that once you start your life in a student residence you will never be alone, especially if you are somewhat an introvert person. But, this is a good thing. Never being alone means that you will always have someone to talk to, if not in your room than in the room next door. In the winter when everything is gloomy as the weather outside there will always be someone to make you laugh. You just need to find good friends, and in dorms, among so many people you are bound to find someone who will make your life easier in a dorm.

However, you can always ask your roommate to give you some space, only a couple of hours for yourself. Everything is a matter of arrangement. There can be some bickering between you and your roommate or your new friends but that is all part of life in a student residence.

Life in a student residence is something that everyone should experience. There are some things in life that make you a better person. Living in a dorm will make you less selfish, it will make you more sociable. There is no reason not to experience your student life there. Enjoy the happiest time of your life.