A Man With Empty Pockets.

How to live on a student budget?

One of the problems students have involves money. How to survive for the entire month, live on a student budget, and still have fun in the process? Is it possible to study and work at the same time to earn some money and increase the budget? If you cannot get a job yet, then you need to learn how to manage a budget that your parents are sending you. Luckily, you may be comforted by the fact that you are not the only one who struggles with money during college.

A stressed student worrying how to live on a student budget.

If you know how to save money and how to spend it smartly, then you won’t have a problem.

Learn how to live on a student budget

Yes, college life is hard and fun at the same time. You need to study and you probably want to party as well, as most students do. You know how to organize your time, but how to organize your money? Some students work in a coffee shop or they get a part-time job to earn enough money for clothes, drinks, food, etc. If you do not have a job, you must calculate everything and spend your money carefully. From moving to college on a budget to living on a budget after moving. 

A golden piggy bank for college.

Be creative and try saving some money.

Tips and tricks

You must plan the way you’ll spend your money. Be prepared to make sacrifices and compromises. At the beginning of a month, calculate how much money you have and how big your expenses are going to be. That is how you will know whether can you afford something or not. You have a lot to take care of. You need to handle student loans, to pay bills, buy books, have fun, etc.

  • Start to save money before college. Get a job during the summer, it will help you in the beginning of your college life.
  • Learn how to cook. Your dorm room will not have a full kitchen. But, you can make delicious food in a microwave too.
  • To live on a student budget and eat well, keep an eye out for specials in supermarkets on groceries. That way, you will save a lot of money on food and drinks.
  • Use a student card to get better deals in shops, gyms, movies, events, some coffee shops. Discounts for students are always available.
  • Be active and walk. Do you really need a car? Calculate how much money will you spend on buying a car and gas.
  • Having fun in a bar, club, or a restaurant is very appealing, but when you do not have enough cash, you need to be creative. Throw a party at your or someone else’s home or organize a movie or game night with your friends.
  • Second-hand stores are very popular nowadays, and there you can find some beautiful pieces of clothing at an affordable price.
  • If you desperately need a storage unit, rent it with your roommate (or two), and pay less. Using a convenient storage facility in Charleston does not have to be expensive.

Learn to be creative and to cut costs as much as you can. After a while, you will manage it, but the beginning will be hard. However, after a while, you’ll certainly be able to live on a student budget with ease. Good luck!