There Are Three Young People Sitting On The Stairs And Talking About Living In Tampa.

Living in Tampa: a guide for students

Student days are the best part of one’s life– this is a statement that many would agree upon. And no matter whether you are coming to college from some distant place, or you are about to start your education in your own country, being a student is something special. However, wherever you go you’ll need some time to get used to the new situation. That’s why we present to you a small guide for students living in Tampa.

You would love the living costs

The everlasting problem of almost every student is money. However, if one of the Tampa colleges is your choice, you might have made a good one. This west coast Florida’s metropolis is said to be one of the topmost affordable places to live in. Therefore, regardless of whether you would choose to try the charms of a dorm room, or you would rather rent an apartment with a roommate, it’s possible to live on a budget. With pretty reasonable costs of living and the right choice of a neighborhood, you will surely have a pretty decent life.

There are two girls sitting together and smiling. One of them is eating pizza, and the other is holding a mug.
Find a roommate, and share your chores with someone.

Students living their dream on the sunny beaches of Tampa

People say that life in the seat of Hillsborough County seems like being on vacation all year. And this is true for sure. With almost 250 sunny days and the average temperatures that are around 28 degrees Celsius, students in Tampa have the opportunity to enjoy their free time on some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. So, if you are among those who decided to move here from other parts of the county in search of education, you are the lucky one. You can get into the excellent colleges here, and study really hard. Then, after that, you can go and charge your batteries under the Tampa sun.

Moving around

One of the students’ usual concerns is, of course, transportation. Especially if you don’t have a car of your own. But, when studying and living in the biggest city in the Tampa Bay Area, you have plenty of options when it comes to public transportation. You can choose from trolleys, buses, streetcars, rented bikes, or even try a water taxi. And although it all may be time-consuming, especially during rush hours, it is possible to get anywhere on time. Just one little tip. If Big Man’s Moving Company brought you to this nice city, it would be great if you learn some alternate routes that stay off the interstates when needed.

Things to do

Boredom is not an option in Tampa!

  • There are dance clubs and bars for high energy outings. Beautiful parks, restaurants, and theaters for the more casual free time joys.
  • Sports lovers can follow their favorite football, hockey or baseball teams, or take part in some of the beach or water sport activities.
  • And at the top of everything else there come numerous fairs and festivals gathering people and cultures from all over the world. Excellent places where you, even as a newcomer, can easily find some new best friends.
There is a beach, with several palm trees during the sunset, the scene that awaits all the students living in Tampa.
Relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches in Tampa.

This little guide for students living in Tampa should be just one step towards getting to know all the charms of the place. So Let’s give it a chance!