House Calculator - Low Budget Home Projects To Try This Summer

Low budget home projects to try this summer

If you’re a fan of DIY projects, you’re already on your way to save money. With the right plan, you can transform the feel of a whole home with a single project that will only cost you a few hundred bucks. So, here are some low budget home projects to try this summer. Not only will they be light for your wallet, but some of these will even save you money in the future. So, continue reading and discover these low budget home improvement ideas below.

Paint the walls

Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest home projects you can try. It is also one of the 7 simple decorating ideas. Painting the walls will make a big impact on the look and feel of your home. If you’re having trouble deciding on paint colors, search for some tips and inspirations online. These sources are great as a starting point. Pick shades that appeal to you, and start painting. You can ask every family member to help you and tackle the project together.

Save Piggy Bank Coins - Low budget home projects to try this summer
Here are some low budget home projects to try this summer.

Clean the ducts and vents

This project is important for your home health. By cleaning ducts and vents, you’ll significantly improve your home’s indoor air quality. Dust in these areas may force your AC system to work hard, reduce the home’s energy efficiency, and increase your energy bills. So, make sure you shop a heavy-duty vacuum to suction the dust and debris out of vents. Also, find a long hose attachment to get deep into the ductwork for cleaning. 

Low budget home projects to try this summer – Improve your landscaping

If your home includes land, you can make some simple improvements outside. Make landscaping look any way you want. You can elaborate walkways and learn how to build outdoor waterfalls inexpensively or a simple garden bed, whatever you like. You can cater your garden projects to your budget. Begin with pruning and weeding the existing vegetation. Then, add in flowers and trees that you like and continue expanding your landscape design.

Fresh up your kitchen cabinets

Many people dream of tearing out their existing kitchen and replacing it with a modern one. But, that can be very pricey. Instead, try painting your kitchen cabinets. This is one of the low budget home projects to try this summer. It’s a project you can do by yourself and it’s much more budget-friendly than renovating the whole kitchen. Just choose a color you like and transform the look of your kitchen.

Consider painting your kitchen cabinets.

Low budget home projects to try this summer – Clean out the gutters

Maybe you’re just starting life after college – things you need to know, and you’re not exactly on a budget. But, don’t worry here are some low budget home projects to try. One of them is maintaining and cleaning gutters. This is important to prevent water from standing around your home’s foundation or leaking into the basement.

So, grab the ladder and check out the gutters. Clean any leaves and debris to ensure that rainwater can easily run through the gutter system. Also, while you’re on the ladder, look at your roof and see if there are any signs of damage.