The most luxurious student dorms in the United States

When it comes to your accommodation while studying, there are a lot of words you could use. Crowded, moldy,

Luxurious student housing

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old, not in good shape etc. Filled with way too many people. Although living in dorms is usually associated with low prices and conditions that are far from ideal, that isn’t always the case. Actually, there are quite few student housings that can call themselves not only more adequate and better equipped but even luxurious, a word almost never used together with dorms. So, if you are looking for a place to move because you are unsatisfied with your current situation, we suggest you take a look at this list and start making plans. And if you are not able to afford such luxurious dorm, at least you can look at the pretty pictures. Who knows, perhaps it will happen for you as well! Take notes and look up scholarships and grants, you might be one of the lucky ones.

  1. First, let’s go down to Texas for the amazing, over the top housing

We didn’t want to start this list with something that could be called average, so we proudly present one of the most high end housings while you are a student – The Callaway House at University of Texas. For this little baby you will have to set aside as little as $6,000 per semester and prices can go up to almost $9,000. What you will be paying with this is a room so equipped you will never wish to leave. Just imagine not only leather, but also hardwood and steel, neatly decorated and arranged. And just to top it of, you will never have to clean again, because there are a lot of maids in charge for that. Talk about a nice way of studying. And what to do with all that extra time? Well, you could, oh we don’t know, play pool, go for a swim, work out in the fitness center, or perhaps even go grab a movie. This student housing offers a wide range of services and activities.

  1. Ivy League Colleges are always a good option when it comes to dorms!
Luxurious student housing

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If you are living in Yale student housing, you most certainly won’t have to worry about tiny little creatures that live beyond your bed. But it goes further that that. We have to pay special attention to Durfee, that not  only housed the famous Rory Gilmore and Logan Huntzberger, but also made a serious effort to make the students’ lives as comfortable as possible. Most of the rooms are singles, but you do share a bathroom and a common area (with future leaders of the nation, so you could get over it and start networking). Architecture and design of the walls, halls and rooms will leave you breathless. So, think about in which direction you are heading and consider Yale to be your next big career move.

  1. University of Florida offers a very affordable but quality student housing.

We can admit that the previous colleges we mentioned were a bit too pricey, and definitely not something that everyone can afford. But if you are looking to improve your student living conditions, and still stay on  budget, head on to Florida, and pick one of two – Ivy House or Windsor Hall. It is really difficult to determine which one is better, so we didn’t even bother. Their monthly rate doesn’t go over $1,000 and for that price they offer:

  • Spacious rooms, designed in a creative way
  • Sun decks and private jacuzzis
  • Fireplace and big screen TVs
  • Very luxurious gourmet kitchen

If you don’t think you can afford to live in a great dorm while you are studying, think again and look for diverse income options, and it will be a piece of cake for you to come up with the solution. College is stressful enough, make it easier and enjoy the ride.

  1. Looking for a more homey feeling? Head down to Missouri.

When living home and going off the college a lot of student loose that feeling of comfort they had, and have trouble

Luxurious student homes

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finding it again. Washington University located in St. Louis offers something that might work as a substitute. They are equipped with not only dance studios and rooftop gardens, but they also have a separate bakery (smell of bread in the morning, there is nothing more homey!), and even a kosher kitchen. This is a luxurious dorm, where if you are wealthy enough, you can even get a building named after you. We vote for the one with the bakery!  

When we think about college housing we can very vividly recall the awful smells, the occasional small animals that played the role of our roommates, the windows that won’t shut, and the doors that won’t open and so on… It is true that when someone says college housing, most people don’t think about good, adequate accommodation. College is not only a very stressful time of your life; it is also a part of life that you will not be able to revisit, after a couple of years it is gone from your life forever. So, while you are enjoying the fact that you are a student after all, don’t be a student that has cockroaches on the floor. That doesn’t have to be your case. Make yourself comfortable in one of these exquisite dorms that offer a vast number of activities and privileges that will make your life a lot easier. We know you won’t resist to change your living situation, so we just advice you to take a look at this article before you start packing! And if you are worried about affording such high end lifestyle, know that you can always look up scholarships, grants and donations, so don’t give up on the dream.