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Make your dorm feel like home

Moving out for the first time or you’ve done this already, it doesn’t really matter. If you make your dorm feel like home, it will make it easier for you to live away from home and also be more focused on college.

Separate areas in the room

Your dorm room is probably not as big as you would like it. Even so, try to separate your sleeping area from the learning space. If you work and sleep on the bed all the time, it will feel really crowded and probably a bit depressive. Use your bed for sleeping and chilling during the day, and your desk for work. You don’t have to literary separate it so they are far away, just visually divide areas. By doing so, your dorm space will feel larger.

Also, make sure that your mattress is comfortable. This is actually very important because of various thing. First, if you have a good night rest you will be more productive. If you want to make your dorm feel like home and your bed is not good, your back will hurt and you can’t be focused on your work. The only thing that you will be thinking about is back pain. Then if you don’t have a comfy mattress, you will probably avoid relaxing and sleeping on that bed.

You can visually separate this two areas with some carpet or maybe some pot with a nice green plant. Green plants are nice to look at and they are also providing oxygen in the room. Just don’t lose focus on studying. Make sure that you learning area, your desk is cozy and practical. Keep your desk always clutter – free. You are here to study so this is one of the most important things.

Decorate to make your dorm feel like home

Two orange pillows laying down

For a cozier feel, add some bed pillows.

Don’t skip this one even if you are a guy. The decoration is not just for girls. You don’t have to spread 500 pillows so that the dorm room is decorated, there are other ways! Just make this space more like you. You can bring from your home some of your favorite items from your house or your old room. Perhaps some family photos or your high school memories and hang it on the walls, this is the way to make your dorm feel like home.

Important is to make the most of your space, especially if your room is tiny. If you want to do more, you can:

  1. Get nice beddings and linen – this way you will enjoy in your relaxing area. Sure, you can add some extra pillow, just to be cozier. You can bring some from home or you can buy new ones. Get a bed covering so you can use a bed as a couch during the day.
  2. Extra lighting – add a soft light to your area. You can use that string of light around your bed if you don’t have anywhere to plug in a lamp. Those small light usually have batteries, so you can put them anywhere you like. Dorm room won’t feel so cold with this type of lights. You can always make some DIY lighting string and save some money.
    Light string in different colors

    Soft lighting will make your dorm feel cozier.

  3. Add some mirrors– to make your dorm feels larger you can add a mirror or two. The best solution is to add one standing mirror. This is practical and it makes your dorm looks larger. If you don’t already have a large mirror or it is expensive for you to buy, you can always buy a couple of smaller ones. Arrange them so they are close to each other and you have a nice decoration.
  4. Storage space – For an extra seating you can get a small ottoman with storage space. When you live in a dorm room, you need all the storage space that you can get, so your dorm feels like home. Ottoman has a double purpose, use it for seating and you can put your clothes, shoes or anything you like in there. Use your bed as a storage. Get plastic boxes, specially designed for under the bed storage. You will be surprised how much you can put in there.

There are always some simple decorating ideas that you can use to make your space nicer.

Keep your dorm room clean

This is probably not an easy task for a college student. But, believe me, that this is the only way to keep your sanity in a small place. If you keep your dorm room clutter -free you will be able to function properly and efficiently. The best way for doing so is to immediately put your things in their place after you’ve used them. At first, you will have to think about it all the time while doing so. But in no time this will be a habit and it will be so easy to stay organized.

Red washing machines

Avoid crowded laundry room day by washing small load during a week.

Doing laundry is one more nightmare for a student. If you are on a college far away from home, your mum cannot do this for you. Usually, it is crowd during the weekend in a communal laundry room, so smart thing is to try and avoid this. You can wash smaller loads during the week.

Nice smell

Once your dorm is clean and organized, the only thing that will be missing is a nice smell. If you are not a fan of air fresheners, scented candles are the right choice for you. It will last longer and it’s not so aggressive smell like freshener. You can buy a scented candle with a smell of cookies, vanilla or something that reminds you of your home during the holidays. There are also candles with the smell of a different city or country if you feel homesick.

Make an effort to make your dorm feel like home even if you are only for a semester in a dorm. It is worth your time because all of this can be finished very quickly and you will surely enjoy it at least a couple of months. You should like where you live no matter for how long you are there.