A Student Sitting On Some Stairs And Thinking About Millennials' Favorite Cities In Texas.

Millennials’ favorite cities in Texas

Most millennials are relocating very often. They are moving because of many reasons. Some of them are looking to find new job opportunities, some of them are looking to continue their education and they are using some of the student moving hacks, simply changing their current place of living, etc. Whatever is the reason for your relocation, you should definitely think about moving to Texas. To be more specific, you should know what are the millennials’ favorite cities in Texas. By knowing them, you will get a better image of these places and what you can expect from living in them.

What are the millennials’ favorite cities in Texas?

Firstly, let’s start with a list of the most popular cities in Texas for millennials:

  • Dallas.
  • Austin.
  • Houston.
  • One of the millennials’ favorite cities in Texas is San Antonio.
  • McKinney.

Keep in mind that in each of these cities you will find a lot of activities and fun for young millennials. For instance, you can expect that in some of the cities, which have universities and colleges, you will find affordable entertainment for college students. To say it in simple words, you will absolutely love it and you can never be bored.


The first one from the previous list is Dallas. With a population of over 1 million people, this city is attractive for millennials and a lot of people from 24-39 years of age are moving to this city. Not only that you can find the best colleges and universities in this city, but there are also other benefits for millennials. For instance, most apartments and houses in Dallas have affordable prices for buying and renting. So, we can say that this is another reason why millennials love Dallas as a favorite city in Texas. They can expect a lot of entertainment at an affordable price.

A view of Dallas, one of the millennials' favorite cities in Texas.
A lot of millennials are living in Dallas.


When we talk about living in Austin, this is also one of the millennials’ favorite cities in Texas. First of all, a good part of the population is young people. Simply, there are schools, colleges, and universities in this city. Since there is a good number of young people, it will be easier to find roommates. For example, you will easily adapt to living with 3 roommates since you have a lot of young people who are studying or who have just moved to this city. Like when we have talked about Dallas, you can also expect affordable prices for a living in Austin.


Speaking about living in Houston, this is another city that is ranked as the affordable one. This city is also a large one and it has a population of over 2 million people. Again, a good part of the Houston population is millennials. This means that you can find a lot of outdoor activities, such as bars, restaurants, cultural events, sports events, etc. If you decide to relocate to Houston from another city, do not forget that you have to be prepared properly. This means that you should look for professional assistance that will safely transfer your belongings. Generally, in Texas, you can find a lot of suitable moving options that can be a good help for your upcoming relocation.

A park in Houston.
Houston has a lot of activities for millennials.

One of the millennials’ favorite cities in Texas is San Antonio

With a population of 1.487 million people, San Antonio is also known as a suitable place for millennials. You can take walk to a downtown where you will have an opportunity to see the beautiful river, to sit in a beautiful restaurant or cafe, going to cultural and sports events, and many other things. Be sure that in San Antonio, you will definitely find your place and you will adapt really fast. Speaking about relocating to San Antonio, again, you should have professional assistance. Now, when we talk about how to make the right decision, it is always a good idea to define the exact types of services you are going to need. For instance, if you need assistance in long-distance moving, packing services, and piano moving, you should visit the evolutionmovingdfw.com website and find more about this company and the services they offer.

Downtown in San Antonio.
There are a lot of cultural and sports events in San Antonio.


Last, but not least is McKinney. This is the smallest city from the list of millennials’ favorite cities in Texas. The population is only over 191,000 people. However, there are still a lot of things to do and see in McKinney. Visting Erwin Park, Hank’s Texas Grill, Landon Winery, McKinney Performing Arts Center, etc. are some of the places where millennials are gathering and spending their time. In McKinney, you can find affordable apartments and houses. Be sure that you can organize your living costs properly and with ease. In the case that you decide to move to McKinney, do not forget that you have to prepare like a professional. It means that you have to pack your belongings in an appropriate way, make sure that they are protected and secured, so you or movers can transport them to your new home in McKinney in the easiest and simplest way.

Texas has a lot of opportunities for millennials

We can agree that Texas really has a lot of opportunities for millennials. Be sure that no matter which part of Texas you are planning to live in, you will adapt really fast and you will experience a lot of new things. The trick is just to do more research and see which city is the most suitable for your lifestyle.

Which from the list of millennials’ favorite cities in Texas to choose?

So, which millennials’ favorite cities in Texas should you choose? We have to admit that there is no right answer. Simply, each of the presented cities is suitable for millennials and each of them has its own benefits. As we mentioned, you have to see which one is the most suitable for your lifestyle and be sure that it is the most right decision you can make!