Renter-friendly Towns Near Toronto

Most renter-friendly towns near Toronto

Toronto is one of the biggest cities in Canada and it is where thousands of students move every year for college and university. A lot of these students are staying in dorms but there is a big number of students who rent apartments or houses in Toronto or nearby towns. If you ask us, we believe that it is best to rent an apartment in one of many renter-friendly towns near Toronto. There are many advantages to doing so but certainly the biggest advantage is the cost. Toronto is very expensive when it comes to renting. And as students generally do not have a lot of money to spare, it is a smart move to rent a home somewhere where it is more affordable. So, if you will be moving for college to Toronto, these most renter-friendly towns near Toronto are good options to consider.

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The first place you must know about is Ajax. It is located very close to Toronto. With a bus you only need around half an hour to reach downtown Toronto. If you have a car, it is only a 15 minute drive. But the difference in real estate prices is huge. To rent a one-bedroom apartment in Ajax you only need around $1,400 a month. This is very inexpensive, especially if you manage to find a roommate who you will split the costs with.

If you are not familiar with just how expensive renting in Toronto is, we are going to tell you. To rent a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto, you need $2,800. This is a lot of money to pay for a small condo. This is exactly why we suggest you consider moving to a town nearby that is more affordable, such as Ajax.

Bus in toronto
Ajax is well-connected to Toronto by public transport.

But its affordability is not the only reason why you should love Ajax. There are so many other things to love about it. For example, it is a very safe town. The crime rates are 34% lower than in Toronto. This is going to make living alone or with a roommate a bit easier as you will not be worried too much about your safety. Moving to Ajax is easy, all you need to do is to find adequate assistance for your relocation. Hiring professionals makes moving a lot easier and less stressful.


Right next to Ajax but located a bit closer to Toronto we have Pickering which is another renter-friendly town near Toronto. The pricing is not much different from what it is in Ajax. To rent an apartment here, you need around $1,600 a month. The difference in pricing is not big but living a bit closer to downtown Toronto might be important for some students.

Pickering is not a small town at all. There are plenty of things that you can do here. One thing you must know about it is that it has a very rich nature. There are plenty of forests in Pickering, lots of parks and green spaces. This is why the town is full of biking and hiking trails which are a perfect place to get some exercise without going to the gym.

Coast of the Ocean beach.
Living in renter-friendly towns near Toronto has lots of pros.

Both Ajax and Pickering are coastal towns and they have some amazing beaches. You cannot go swimming most of the year because it is cold but there are plenty of other things you can do. This is why a lot of young people who move to Pickering for college actually stay there. There are so many things making living in Pickering an amazing thing that you might just decide to stay for a lot longer than you originally planned. To move to Pickering stress-free you should certainly hire Professional Movers Canada.


Another one of many renter-friendly towns near Toronto is Mississauga. It is a bigger town than Ajax and Pickering and has lots of different neighbourhoods to explore. Some are more expensive than the others. Mississauga is a suburb of Toronto, at least many would say so. It is very peaceful and it is safe as mostly families with children and elderly live here.

It is a more expensive area though which is why if you are moving to Mississauga you should definitely find a roommate to split the costs. Finding a big house in this area is very easy which is why having multiple roommates is the perfect solution to make living here a possibility. This is certainly one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto to live in if you are able to cover the expenses of living there.

Missisuaga from the air.
Living in a suburb of Toronto is a great idea for students who want to live with roommates.


Another great option among many renter-friendly towns near Toronto is Markham. It is located to the North from downtown Toronto and it isn’t far away from the city center. Markham has lots of public transport options too which is why moving here as a college student is not a bad idea at all. You can easily reach any university or college from here.

Moving here is a good idea because it is more affordable than Toronto. It is more expensive than Ajax and Pickering though. You will need a bit more than $2,000 a month to pay the rent and bills for the apartment. But what is a good thing about living in Markham is that you have lots of housing options to explore. Many new buildings have been built over the last years which is why finding a home is an easy task. Finding an apartment to rent in Toronto can take a really long time which is why this place is a much better option.

It is another very safe place to live in with lots of things to do which is why it is perfect for college students who are moving far away from home. You will have a much easier time adjusting to this big change if you live in the right environment. So, check out these renter-friendly towns near Toronto and sail into your new future.