A Woman With A Laptop Browsing If She Should Move To NYC Before Or After Finding A Job.

Should you move to NYC before or after finding a job

Finishing college is a huge milestone and brings a lot of new decisions to make. One of them is finding a job and relocating. However, young people are often confused about the timing of these two, especially when moving to NYC. That’s why we tried to break this down for you. If you are wondering should you move to NYC before or after finding a job, you’ll find out know. Here’s everything you need to know about relocation and getting a job in a city like New York.

Moving before you find a job

Of course, every option has its pros and cons, but if you are wondering whether you should move to NYC before or after finding a job, you should go through both of them carefully. Let’s talk about all the details of moving to NYC before finding a job. Here’s what you should know and expect.

NYC by night.

New York is the city that offers countless opportunities – but should you move to NYC before or after finding a job?

You have enough time to unpack and get to know the city

Moving before having a job has some advantages. One of them is having enough time to get to know your neighborhood and the city and to unpack the boxes properly. Without having to rush to work 2 days after arriving in NYC, you can dedicate your free days to go sightseeing, finding a favorite cafe or restaurant, do some additional shopping and most importantly, unpack. Unpacking and setting your home ready while working at the same time often lasts for ages, and now you have the chance to do everything in just a couple of days. Therefore, moving house can be stress-free if you have enough time to finish everything properly.

Furthermore, you have enough time to go job hunting. After you finish college, this aspect is particularly important. This is much better since you have enough time to go around the city, check the location of potential offices and go to all the interviews you want.

People on the street taking about whether they should move to NYC before or after finding a job.

Should you move to NYC before or after finding a job – having enough time to unpack, get to know the city and find the perfect job is priceless.

It’s easier to find a job when you are in NYC

Even though you may feel insecure when moving before you find a job, you should know that it’s easier to find a job when you’re already in NYC. Here’s how to do it:

  • Job listings – Find all the local job ads you can. Go online and offline, too.
  • Networking – Once you’re in New York, you can actually find a job through the people you know. Personal recommendation is one of the best ways to reach employers. And if you studied in New York, you probably know some people already.
  • Visit the favorite companies – As you are now living in New York, you can visit favorite companies and look for a job yourself.

Also, living in New York gives you an advantage over the other candidates that are not there. You will be available for interviews, be flexible about those meetings,  and an address in New York makes you a local – favorite among the employers.

You cover your own moving expenses

When moving by yourself and jobless, don’t expect a relocation package. So, if you do care about your budget, think again if you should move to NYC before or after finding a job. Moving by yourself means you need to cover your own moving expenses, which can be pretty costly. However, there are ways to save money when moving, so be sure to check them out.

While looking for a full-time job…

..be sure to have a safety net. Browse some part-time jobs that can help you go through this period. However, you should also have some savings ready, since NYC is pretty expensive and city life can be very challenging if you don’t have enough funds to live there.

If you decide to move to NYC  after finding a job…

..you should consider all the aspects of job relocation very seriously. Here’s what to know.

Having to wait to find a job and then move is challenging

It can be pretty difficult to find a job if you don’t already live in the city you want to move to. However, it’s not impossible. It’s natural to worry if you need to move to NYC before or after finding a job. But, if you made the decision to wait until you find a job so you can relocate, there are things you can to speed the process up a bit:

  •  Sign up for job alerts and ads
  • Ask your previous co-workers and your friends/family to help you out with recommendations
  • Be careful when sending your resume – Make sure you’re clear about your address. State clearly that you will be moving to the city as soon as you get hired. Many employers don’t even look at resumes that have addresses out of NYC.
  • Include arrival date – Be sure to state a potential moving date in your resume when applying for a job in NYC. Make it clear that you will be moving soon.
  • Be flexible – If you really want to find a good job, you need to be available as much as you can. Therefore, be sure to have a Skype account ready, so you can have an online meeting. Also, expect invites for in-person interviews, too. If it’s worth it to travel for a job you like, make sure you do it.

Be sure to pick the right home

Location is everything in NYC. Since you know where your offices are, be sure to pick a home that is close to your work, so you can reduce the commute time to a minimum. Only then should you start your search for reliable movers like those at divinemoving.com, for example, and get down to organizing the moving process carefully.

A street in NYC.

NYC is huge and busy, so reducing your commute time is a must.

Should you move to NYC before or after finding a job – have you made the decision?

Moving after you’ve found a job can be hectic. Since you probably have a time frame, you should be efficient with your relocation. The best way to do it is to immediately hire someone who knows everything about relocations. This will make sure that you arrive in NYC on time, and start your job as soon as you move – without being tired and stressed out. 

Moving is an exciting new chapter, whether you move to NYC before or after finding a job. That’s why you should enjoy it as much as you can! NYC is full of opportunities, so make sure you use each one that comes your way!