Getting Ready For Moving Abroad For College.

Moving abroad for college

Do you want to study abroad and to meet different cultures and learn about the tradition and to experience it? Moving abroad for college is one of the best options to work on your education and, at the same time, to explore the world. Usually, American students choose to study in Europe or Asia (especially countries such as Japan) when it comes to studying overseas.

Packing for moving abroad for college

After accepting the acceptance letter and preparing all the documentation for your abroad studies, it is time to pack. But it is more complicated to pack when moving overseas. If you want to study in Europe, for example, you should first explore the weather in the country where you will live. How to pack your life in a couple of suitcases, is it possible? Don’t panic! There are four main categories to pack – clothing, toiletries, electronics, and hand luggage.

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Before moving abroad for college, packing is the job you need to take care of. Don’t pack a lot of items


Depending on where are you moving you will pack proper clothing. For example, if you are moving to colder areas, pack more winter clothes. Also, make sure your clothing is decent for school.

  • Pack underwear for 2 weeks, just in case, when the exams come, you will not have time to wash them every other day.
  • Separate everyday clothes you want to pack, and then pack half of them. Keep in mind that you will probably buy clothing there too, so having the extra weight and paying for that is not a good financial idea.
  • About two outfits for dinner or party and formalwear.
  • One warm jacket and winter boots.
  • Pajamas and slippers for dorm room.
  • Swimwear and gym attire.
  • Everyday shoes (about 2 pairs) and one pair of formal shoes.


You can buy toiletries there, but until you learn where the shops are, where you can buy all of these things, you should pack toiletries. Pack items for month or two. These items are shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, face wipes, soap, a couple of face towels and a couple of big towels, makeup and hair products, and accessories (if you use it), shower gel, a robe, hair conditioner, hand and face cream, etc. Pack toiletries you are using every day or often.

Electronics and other essentials

You probably want to pack the entire room, but, separate only essentials. You will probably need a laptop, if you don’t have it, it is a good option to buy one while you are home. Most universities have computers in libraries, but it is much easier to have your personal one, especially when you are abroad.

  • Pack adapters for laptop and phone, but keep in mind that plugs are different in Europe and Asia than they are in the USA. If you will studying in Japan, they have different plugs.
  • Pack small items that remind you of home. When moving abroad for college, you will feel sometimes nostalgic.
  • About 2 bags, one should be an every-day bag and the other should be practical for books, laptops, etc. Also, if you want you can pack one small bag for going out (mostly women have this one).
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Pack everything you use often, but keep in mind that you can buy clothing and toiletries there too

Hand luggage

Your hand luggage should contain:

  • Passport, ID, visa, and other important documents for college
  • A wallet
  • Snacks
  • Headphones and phone
  • Book or magazine
  • Travel pillow

Financial concerns

To get ready for your international move, you should take care of finances. When you moving abroad for college, it will take time until you get a part-time student job, so your parents will probably send you money. In that case, find the best way to transfer money internationally.

Also, understand the exchange rate as soon as possible. If you don’t know how to manage the local currency, you can lose money. Make a budget for a month and try to stick to it.

What to do after arriving in a new country to study?

Moving is over and you arrived at your university. What to do, how to adjust? It is very stressful and hard, for sure, but you need to take some action- the sooner the better.

  • Stay in touch with your friends and family. It will help you with nostalgia too and they won’t worry about you. Today, it is easy to talk to your friends online, and it is free.
  • Unless you are studying in the UK, learn a foreign language. At university, your classes will be in English, but outside of the university, it will be very handy to understand people around you. This will also help you stay safe when studying abroad.
  • Don’t hurry with adjusting and take some time. Being a freshman is not easy, especially a freshman in a foreign country.
  • Don’t miss classes because it is the best way to meet other people. Create a study group, go out with them and hang out.
  • Explore a country while you are there. It is a unique opportunity to learn about other cultures and traditions. Countries in Europe and Asia have a long, long history. Much longer than the USA.
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Be ready for studying, but also, spend some time to have fun and to explore

Hiring an international moving company

Usually, students pack 2 or 3 luggage when moving abroad for college. But, if you want to have more items with your in a foreign country, and to move more of your items, then you should hire a company to do it for you and to ship them. Another advantage is that you don’t need to carry a lot of bags during traveling. Items will be shipped at your destination, and that’s it. It is the easiest option. If you choose to transport your items this way make sure that the company is reliable and check before booking them. Good luck with your studies abroad!