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Moving back home after studying abroad

Studying abroad is a great experience, and it is no wonder why many students choose to study in a foreign country. You have probably made a lot of friends and connections abroad, and chances are you have learned a little bit of foreign language. We are sure that you had a great time abroad but now it’s time to head back home. Moving back home after studying abroad is not so simple. You have to take care of the paperwork, and you have to plan out your move. We are sure that you have some experience in both of those fields, but we are here to give you some advice when it comes to moving.

Be prepared for ‘re-entry’ shock

There are two emotional extremes when it comes to going back home. You either can’t wait to come back home, or you don’t want to go home. It is probably somewhere in the middle. Whatever the case is, you have to be prepared for so-called ‘re-entry’ shock. You have experienced similar when you moved abroad for college. Nations and cultures differ from one another, and you might feel some kind of emotion when you finally arrive.

Studying abroad wit friends.
You will share your experiences of studying abroad with your friends and family when you come back home.

You might feel that your country doesn’t do some things the right way, making you want to change things around. Or you might feel like finally everything is in order when you arrive. Just be prepared.

What about friendships

One thing is certain, you’ll miss your abroad friends. You probably have encountered many interesting people abroad, and you made a bunch of friends. Make sure to keep in touch with them.

But, the situation back home will be different. Your old buddies have probably changed, and you might find out that the conversations with some of them are not as easy as it used to be. Some of them probably married, and some of them went to other states and towns.

You are no longer a tourist

Living for a period of time in a foreign country is amazing. There are a lot of places to be seen, a lot of food to be tasted, and a lot of interesting people to be met. You are not constrained by the location, and you are free to travel wherever you wish.

Girl sitting on stairs.
You won’t feel like a tourist anymore.

When you come back home you will find out that not everything is novel. Quite the contrary, you might be bored for a few weeks after you arrive. You will have to live in your home again, and there is nothing new to see and experience. But it is always good to come back home, you will adapt quickly.

Find a reliable moving company if you need to

If you need, find a reliable moving company that can take your stuff back home. It is important to find a company that is experienced and reliable since you don’t want anything to go wrong on your move back home. But chances are that you don’t need to hire a moving company at all. You probably don’t have too many possessions with you, but if you do, hire a good one.

Good luck!