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Moving to Brooklyn for college

Throughout high school, you only worry about your grades. Well, that is soon about to change, since you finished high school and you are probably thinking about moving to Brooklyn for college. It does not have to be difficult, nor it should scare you that much. Moving to college will help you, not only with education but with your maturing process as well.

In your transitional period, there are a lot of problems and difficulties that can drive you insane from worrying. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will find out that not all those problems are real problems. Just to ease your mind, here you can find Brooklyn moving quotes to help you with your packing and moving.

Graduation, moving to Brooklyn for College

Moving to college is a big step

What to do before moving to Brooklyn for college

First things first, there are some things you should do before you decide to move. Let’s start with simple things about packing. You do not need everything! Let’s be real, you don’t really need all that stuff with you. Pick the basic stuff to bring with you, just so you can avoid clustering and losing precious space. If by any change you are bringing a lot of stuff, there are storage units in Brooklyn that can help you keep your excess stuff. There are also some other useful things you can do before you move, such as:

  • While packing, prioritize your belongings. Mark those boxes clearly and keep the stuff you would need close at hand.
  • Use some blankets or old t-shirts to wrap fragile things before moving to Brooklyn for college.
  • Manage your finance well, because this is your first time experiencing living alone, and it will be difficult to adapt.
  • If you are bringing furniture, make sure you are bringing compact and practical stuff only. You will share your room with other people if you are not lucky enough to get a single bedroom.
Blond woman holding a box

Packing does not have to be stressful

Finding a part-time job as a student

As we mentioned before, almost all of the stuff you did, your parents helped you with them. Now you will be left on your own, and it won’t hurt knowing some basics and organizing your daily routines well. You will find it hard in the first couple of months, especially when it comes to money. After moving to Brooklyn for college, consider finding a part-time job that would be perfectly suitable for students. That way you help not only yourself but your parents as well. Luckily, for students, there are a lot of part-time jobs you can do, that require zero to none special skills. Such as working as a waiter/waitress, in packing companies, babysitting, dogsitting, handling fliers, etc. Although that is small money, it will help you ease your mind when it comes to bills. Also, you will have far more experience in working with people. And who knows, perhaps some chance of promotion and better payment.

Waiter holding coffee

Waiters are always needed in Brooklyn

Nightlife in Brooklyn

Now we start talking about what really interests you. Nightlife in Brooklyn. You are young, you want to go out and meet new people, and that is completely ok! Social life is very important for a normal functioning person! Brooklyn provides it all. As an urban and vibrant city, Brooklyn’s nightlife offers a lot of choices. From techno music, hip-hop, rock, metal etc. Everything is on the menu. There are also a lot of quality clubs you can enjoy. These are just some of the neighborhoods with perfect places for you:

  • Williamsburg, a center of rooftop bars, coffee shops, and cinemas.
  • Bushwick, one of those places where quality nightclubs are located.
  • Park Slope, if perhaps you search for more quiet places, this is the perfect place for you.
  • Red Hook, is a place where all the cocktail bars are located. So if you are a cocktail enthusiast, and need a place to chill after moving to Brooklyn for college, this is a perfect spot to go.
People partying

Brooklyn has much to offer when it comes to nightlife

Meeting new roommates and living with them

And now let’s talk about the part when you meet new people. Especially those you will spend a lot of time with, mostly because you are living with them. Since you, all arrived at your dorm, and your room, there are surely going to be some misunderstandings. But don’t worry, we will try to give you some tips for those situations. Perhaps, first and best tip is not to lose your temper and start any kind of arguing with your roomies. Since you are living with them, it would be a shame to add negative energy as a new roommate as well. Try to solve everything peacefully and with understanding. You know, they are also in the same position as you are. There are certainly some fun projects you can do together after moving to Brooklyn for college. Such as cooking, decorating rooms, or even playing instruments and teaching each other stuff that perhaps they don’t know. Even playing video games can help you all get along better.

Roommates talking, girls, coffee

Roommates can become best friends

How to efficiently spend free time as a college student

Of course first thing anyone would tell you will be, “Go study!” Well, let us be honest, if your life consists of attending classes, eating, studying and sleeping (where sleeping is luxury), surely you will burn out and just give up on everything. We are all human beings, not machines. We need quality times to improve ourselves and perhaps sometimes forget about all the constant worries we have. One thing you must do is to join a gym. Yes, it is proven fact that regular exercising will help your heart and body, not to mention mind. Losing all that negative energy that builds up from all the stress. If perhaps, the gym is not your taste, try finding some clubs with board games, or simply watch movies. There are a lot of options on what you can do after moving to Brooklyn for college. And the worst you can do is spend your time meaninglessly.

Hand holding pen, writing plans

Fill your day with various activities

All that being said, we hope you lost some tension after reading this article. College life is not that bad, nor hard. The first couple of months will be hard, that’s for sure. But after you adapt, you will see how easy it actually is. We are happy to hear from you about your personal college life experience in Brooklyn!