Movers Carrying A Box.

Moving to college on your own vs. hiring movers

Moving to college always seems to imply making all sorts of decisions and changes; it’s never just leaving your old home behind. We could go so far as to qualify it as an anxiety-inducing experience. One might say “Why all the fuss? You just gather all your stuff and fetch them from point A to B.” Well, students who haven’t gone through relocation process might. Not only does moving tend to be associated with a major life changer (in your case, going to college) but it also involves a myriad of chores and resources in order to be carried out accordingly; that is, it affects you on both physical and psychological level. This is why we would like to draw your attention to differences in moving on your own and hiring professional and affordable movers. Let’s get started!

Pros and cons of doing it yourself: moving to college independently

No wonder so many students opt for hiring movers for college. Now if you do prefer retaining control over the whole situation and therefore consider taking a DIY approach, let us first illustrate the complexity of the moving process, which can be quite overwhelming in a moment of such importance as is the beginning of your freshman year at college.

Moving to college - a girl that just did it.

Moving to college is fun!

Rest assured it will consume your precious time significantly

With so many college-related issues to attend to, like paperwork and bureaucracy, moving home will stress you out even more, and it will eat up your schedule when really you should be enjoying and be preoccupied with the start of a new era. DIY tip: if you are a well-organized person, make sure you make a timetable and stick to it rigorously. Also, note you shouldn’t tire yourself out as you are going to need your energy for other equally important tasks.

Relocating to college means stress

It’s the end of an era and the dawn of a new one. You’re not just upgrading your educational status, but starting over. This time with a bit of less of a help and support. Furthermore, you have to decide what you will carry with you, and what will be left behind. That includes facing with all the memories and letting go. Dealing with all the piles and boxes isn’t the most fun thing in the world. Unless, sure, you have a cat who’s constantly trying out how to fit in them. Joking aside, it is of utmost importance that you relax as much as you can. DIY tip: be sure to take a break every once in a while, breath deep and focus on moving-related tasks.

It might not go the way you planned it out

Moving simply isn’t something you can perform single-handedly. Which means you will have to pester either your friends or relatives to give you a hand. Although you may think there’s nothing wrong with asking for help, the thing is that kind of assistance can end up being counterproductive. What if something breaks, what if the other thing gets lost, so many what-ifs. The point of moving is that you transport all your stuff in a secure way without thinking through the whole process if everything will come in one piece. DIY tip: don’t leave anything to chance! Delegate the tasks carefully and make sure you pack safely all the delicate objects.


College is great!

The perks of hiring professionals when moving to college

What are the benefits of letting the expert packers and movers take over these tedious tasks? Knowledge, experience and equipment – simple as that. We, humans, are prone to attachment to objects, especially at such a young age. If you wouldn’t want anything to happen to your stuff on the way to your dorm room, we highly recommend hiring movers. They have the experience and the expertise for dealing with all these things dear to your heart or simply necessary for your day to day life. Whether it’s fragile goods you need to have transported, an instrument perhaps, or tons of books a professional will know how to pack and handle them.

Movers carrying a box.

Opting for professional moving assistance is always a better choice.

Leaving packing or moving to an unskilled individual means leaving it to a chance. It could result in damage, both for the box content or the person carrying it. This is due to a lack of adequate equipment essential for maintaining the safety of your belongings. On top of that, depending on the size of things you need to transport, there’s a high risk of someone getting injured. It’s the last thing you need when all you want is to settle in your new surrounding, get to know it better and make some new friends.

The joy of moving to college: keep your stress level low

Moving to college is already stressful as it is. Infinity of questions overwhelms you: will you get along well, will you manage, how living on your own will turn out for you – the list is long. But there’s nothing wrong with getting a little extra help on the way, au contraire! You are undoubtedly capable of moving to college on your own; however, the question isn’t if you can do it, but how.

Having second thoughts? Pick the best moving company

If you’re up for yet another challenge at this point in your life, go for it. Remember to pay attention to all the details relative to the relocation process and focus. On the other hand, if you’re having second thoughts and would rather take into consideration hiring a reputable moving company to give you a helping hand, that’s also a great idea, maybe even a better one. There are so many amazing things to do: discover the new world of opportunities that awaits, make new friends, get to know your roommate if you have one, familiarize yourself with the new environment. Why let moving ruin that for you? Isn’t it better to enjoy this new chapter of your life hassle-free? Whatever your choice turns out to be – leaving it up to experts or going solo – hopefully you’ll find these pieces of advice useful.

Happy moving to college!