Everything You Felt When You Were Moving For College, You Will See That When Graduation Day Comes All Of That Will Be Funny.

Moving for college – NYC edition

Before you get prepared, you should know that moving for college is a big step. You’re separating from your family, friends and familiar surroundings, and relocating into NYC.  But, it doesn’t have to be difficult, nor it should scare you. Because moving for college will help you, not only with education but with your maturing process as well. In this transitional period, there are a lot of problems and difficulties that can cause stress. But, if you follow these guidelines, your moving for college will go smooth and simple.

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Welcome to college!

Moving for college – dorm or an apartment?

Finding the living space while moving for college is a big deal. That will be the place where you’ll make it to adulthood, and make lifetime memories. So, when choosing a space to live in, you should know that both dorm and an apartment have pros and cons. On one hand, in the college dorm, you won’t have to worry about rent. Plus, your student friends are close by at any time. On the other hand, an apartment will allow you to have your own privacy. But, you have to take care of your meals and rent payments on your own. College dorm room vs. living at home – the decision is yours.

Create a moving plan

Moving means sorting your belongings, packing, planning, and paying. A lot. Since you’re moving to NYC, you deserve a fair warning. In New York, everything gets competitive. Moving companies battle to offer a better deal. Apartment brokers will try to get as much money from you as possible. Even the prices in local shops tend to skyrocket. So, before moving for college, check out the NYC movers negotiation guide for newcomers. With great movers like Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC and a good budget plan, your moving process will be less stressful.

Choose the right neighborhood when moving for college

There are many options for student housing in NYC. And if your budget allows it, you might choose an apartment rather than sharing a room in a dorm. But, choosing the right neighborhood in NYC isn’t an easy task. There are many factors that you need to consider, like:

  • The distance between apartment and University you are going to. Also, you could check the average time you’ll need for transportation via subway.
  • Do some researching of the NYC neighborhoods that offer the most student-friendly facilities
  • Consider your habits – like bicycling or walking long distance. Or, if you love fitness, pick a neighborhood that has lots of parks to run in.
  • Fully research apartment prices – Everybody knows that living in New York City is not cheap. And if you want to find a spacious apartment that you can afford, you should know that will not be easy. So, prepare for living in a smaller apartment, and try to set the location as a top priority.
  • Think about the way you want to move to NYC. Are you going to do it all by yourself or you will hire some professionals? If you are moving cross state or internationally, consider hiring a professional moving company to help you.
Apartments, building - When you are moving for college, make sure to find the place that fits your needs.

When you are moving for college, make sure to find the place that fits your needs.

Find a roommate when moving for college

As it is said before, New York is known for high rent apartments. This is the main reason why college students rent an apartment with a roommate. First, the rent is usually too high for one person to pay. And second, it is always good to have someone you can rely on. Plus, most college students make lifetime friendships with their roommates. Try some of the many social networks and listings where you can find a roommate online. And prepare yourself for living with one of the 5 types of roommates you will meet in college.

Organize your time

New York City might be the city that never sleeps, but a college student really should. Try to organize yourself the right way, and you will manage both school and free time. Moving for college in New York City will probably be the greatest time of your life. So, make sure you use time wisely. Once you get your weekly lessons plan, organize yourself and have time for socializing, partying, and sleeping.

New York gives many things to college students

First, there are many discounts in this city for college students. So, take advantage of them and save your time and money. After moving for college, research all the activities that are cheaper for students or completely free. Also, here you can find organizations that connect people of your age and interest.

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Find someplace where you will spend your free time in college!

Save money

No matter if you’re living in a college dorm or apartment, you shouldn’t spend money without limit. That’s why you need to learn how to save money in college. And to do that you should make a monthly plan for all of your costs and set a budget. NYC is full of possibilities for overpaying and spending too much. Consider buying only the things you will actually need. Divide your budget into two parts. First part is money for basic needs like rent, food, and transportation. And the other half spent on other expenses, which will vary from month to month.

Get a side job if it is possible

Many college students work and go to college lessons. When moving for college, a side job as a student can have many benefits. First, you’ll have extra money to spend. Then, you’ll gain experience and feel self-satisfaction of making money on your own. And, if you find some job that’s related to your college studies, you’ll have some extra credit on your resume. Also, if you decide to get a side job, just make sure to be organized. Because this can take a lot of your free time for studying and other activities.

In conclusion

These are all the reasons why moving for college in NYC is exciting. And the most important thing is leading straight to your adult life. That’s why you should try to enjoy this time as much as you can. Make sure to travel and socialize a lot. The first couple of months will be tough, that’s for sure. But, once you adapt, you’ll see how easy it actually is.