A Couple Hugging After Graduation, Happy About Moving To France After College.

Moving to France after college – how to transport specialty items?

So, the next step on your way is moving to France after college. And while you’re looking forward to new things and experience, does that mean that you have to leave some of your old belongings behind? Especially your bulky belongings, like piano, or fine art? Of course, you don’t have to leave them behind, but only if you know to transport these specialty items.

Moving to France after college – is there a way to save money?

Moving to another country is usually not so cheap. But, there are ways to save money when moving out of your college dorm. It’s important to save up here and there so that you can afford to move your specialty item ones the time comes.

A black pool table.

Moving specialty items is not an easy process

What are specialty items?

Some items simply require special care and attention. And while they are usually fragile, they are also bulky. Or, maybe they’re one of the kind. So, pay attention if you need to move some of these items:

  • if you are transporting your bulky instrument, you are definitely moving a specialty item
  • a pool table is also considered a specialty item
  • any piece of fine art is required special attention, too

In these and similar cases, you need to additionally protect these items. Also, you will need some extra space in the truck. And finally, don’t forget about the necessary paperwork.

The necessary paperwork

You need to have the necessary paperwork for any goods that you want to ship. So, it’s better to learn a thing or two about the customs process, before your actual move. And the process is different, in the case if you’re an EU citizen or not:

  • if you’re moving to France as an EU citizen, you only need to prove that you have paid VAT on the belongings that you are shipping
  • if you are moving to France from a country that’s not a member of EU, you need to pay duty tax on your items, as well as VAT.

You should deal with this process as soon as possible since it can take more than you think, especially in the second case. Once you have the authorization, you can start dealing with other tasks on your list.

Consider getting the help of professionals

While specialty items are usually heavy, they’re also delicate. And on top of all, they are very complicated for moving. So, that’s why, when moving to France after college, you should consider getting help from professionals. They are experienced in moving specialty items. They know that you can’t just put your item on a truck and hope nothing goes wrong during the process. While you can fall into a trap of becoming reckless, the professionals can’t. During the special loading process, they will make sure that your specialty item is as safe as possible. But, you don’t want to trust your item to anyone. Call the guys from Transparent International NYC, and see why they’re the best at their job.

Transporting specialty items by yourself

If you still think that it’s better to move your specialty items by yourself, be extra careful. First of all, you will need to safely pack your item. Then, you need to do all the paperwork by yourself. And don’t forget about the insurance. In addition to all of these, you might also need to organize the whole relocation process, which is not easy at all. So, if you’re still not sure whether to hire a company to help you, ask yourself how much your specialty item is worth and you will basically get your answer.

A piano.

Transporting a piano all by yourself is quite a challenge

The moving supplies you’ll need when moving to France after college

Firstly, you’ll need a lot of boxes. Now, it’s not the question of plastic boxes vs cardboard boxes, but, if you can fit your item in a box in the first place. And you should now that good boxes usually aren’t free. Next, you should get a lot of packing material like blister pack or styrofoam, or ideally, both. If you can fit your item inside of the box, wrap up your item safely, fixate it with duct tape. After that, you should put it in an even bigger box, with packing material to fill up the empty space. Either way, you’ll also need dollies and ropes in order to load your item onto a truck. Finally, you’ll definitely need a moving truck to get your item to the desired destination.


Check if your specialty item is insured if you’re going with a moving company. If not, you should definitely consider getting insurance. However, check the cases in which your item is covered and see if you’re satisfied with that. Also, check if your insurance covers the whole value of the item or just a part of it. And most importantly, if the specialty item is priceless to you, then the word “value” simply loses its meaning in the first place. In that case, even with the full compensation for the item, it just won’t be enough.

A sculpture of a head.

Who can say the exact value of an art piece?

Financial aspect

It might be that the important aspect of your decision-making process when moving to France after college is to save some money. If that’s the case, you should also know that you can find a roommate in order to split the expenses. That way, you’ll have more funds that you can use to transport your specialty items safely, and you’ll have a roommate until you get back on your feet.

The new chapter

Moving to France after college and transporting specialty items might be hard, but try to keep your eyes on the goal. After all, you’ll be living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You’ll get to start the new chapter of your life in a beautiful environment with completely new people. Think of all of the adventures and new experiences waiting for you. And most importantly, you’ll have something from your old home right there with you.