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Moving in New Jersey as a student – things to know

Becoming a student means one’s life is changing overnight. Leaving family’s nest for the first time, friends behind, and the rest is quite a challenge for a young person. Moving into your first college apartment, thousands of miles from your home is not easy. Adjusting to a new environment, meeting new people, we’ve all been through this. As you are moving in New Jersey as a student, we figured out you could at least get to know something about the state and release a little pressure.

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  • expensive life
  • some strange traffic laws
  • dinners perfect for nighthawks
  • best cities, great opportunities
  • world in the palm of your hand

Moving in New Jersey as a student isn’t cheap

NJ doesn’t really have a reputation as a cheap place to live. Thankfully, moving to New Jersey as a college student means you’ll have some benefits and thus trim unnecessary spending. Plus, you’ll be focused on your studies, which means there’ll be not much time for going outs, etc., so you’ll get around.

A female person opening her wallet
Moving in New Jersey as a student is a bit expensive.

Things to know when moving in New Jersey as a studnet: traffic laws are different

As our experts from College Moving Deals, who assisted lots of young adults moving to New Jersey for college and people in general, warned that New Jersian traffic laws are a bit strange. Therefore, if you are a driver, learn how to navigate here first, and then you can go cruising around.

Gas station policy

Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage can help you with your move, and they also let us know that no one is allowed to pump their gas on account of safety concerns. That’s right!

Diners never close

If moving during a school year, try to find balance and learn how not to lag behind. Don’t worry too much if you didn’t catch up with everything cause there are nights too. While relocating to New Jersey as a student implies many sleepless nights, you should be aware that grabbing something to eat when getting hungry at three o’clock with an empty fridge won’t be a problem, with diners working 24/7.

Food on a steel tray and a bottle of Carta Blanca symbolizing the dining scene that everyone moving in New Jersey as a student love
Dinners in NJ are always at your service.

NJ boasts some of the best cities

Being in NJ means you can visit metropolises such as NYC and Philly (if these are not the places you’re moving to) during your college years or settle there for good afterward. While you can drive on your own or with friends, you can find assistance any time of long distance movers before moving in. It is an exhausting move which movers will make less in duration and your agitation.

A new beginning

It is a rewarding experience, moving in NJ as a student. What are your first impressions? It’s a bit crampy, your space, isn’t it? Learn how to maximize space in your dorm room while you still have free time, and you may as well explore the city!