Moving to Miami college: Dorm or apartment

Congratulations on deciding on moving to Miami for college! If you’ve done some research on the beautiful city, you already know that it isn’t all about boardwalks and parties. In fact, there are a large number of universities, both private and public which offer a wide arrangement of majors. If you’re worried about the relocation itself, we’d suggest checking out this website: However, today, we will be talking about a rather important problem which every freshman faces. To pay for dorm or not, the question is? So, read on through this post to get familiar with some of the pros and cons of living in a dorm or apartment after moving to Miami for college.

If you’re moving to Miami college, you should think about living at the campus dorms

First and foremost, we should tell you that Miami is gorgeous. If you’ve already done your college touring, you know this. If not, we definitely suggest that you go online for a little virtual touring before relocating to Miami for college. After all, while you’re browsing around the Internet, you will find plenty of college videos and pictures from the point of view of the students living there. This is surely one of the best ways to decide whether you should be moving into a dorm or an apartment. Though, don’t believe us. Instead, check out the short video below about the Florida International University.

So, after watching that, it’s time to give you some pros and cons about moving to Miami college and living in a dorm there:

  • The cost of utilities is cheaper in a dorm

As you will easily discover after moving to Miami for college, it does get pretty expensive. And, as a college student, you will be looking to save money on everything. So, this is a perfect way to cut the cost by choosing to live in a dorm. Most dormitories, as you will see after moving to Miami for college, offer free utilities. So, you won’t be paying a large bill for your electricity, Internet, water, etc. Instead, you might be asked to pay a small fee at the dorm. A good pro of moving into a Miami college dorm? We think so, too!

  • Social life is richer at the campus dorm

The college life is a myth told far and wide by anyone and everyone who’s ever set foot on a college campus. However, the reality is a bit different, as you will find out after relocating to Miami for college. But, the great part about choosing to live in a dorm would be constant involvement in the events on campus. If you’re less of a partier and more of a social butterfly, a dorm might just be a great place for you, as well. Just think about all the people you will meet there after moving to Miami for college.

  • Your RA will give you a shoulder to cry on

If you’ve never been away from home, the dorm might be a better choice for you when moving to Miami. You will have your roommate there who will keep you from being lonely. And there is also a Resident Advisor nearby at all times. This person is great, as they will tell you everything you need to know in order to adjust to your new life after moving to Miami for college.

Choosing an apartment off-campus is an option when relocating to Miami for college

Here is the other half of the college life: the independent, cool type. Before moving to Miami for college, you ought to do some research online. We’d suggest checking out if there are any apartments available close to your college. Take a virtual tour of your apartment of choice and see what the prices are. Most of the apartments that are for rent in the city will range from a 1000$ to 2000$. That in itself might just be the biggest con of choosing to live in an apartment after moving to Miami for college.

But, let’s look on the bright side:

  • You are your own boss at an apartment

If you will need peace and quiet to study after moving to Miami for collegerenting an apartment might be for you. In a student dorm, there is always someone coming in and out of the room or playing loud music next door. In an apartment off-campus, you are your own boss. And, we don’t only mean regarding peace and quiet. If you decide on moving to an apartment in Miami you will definitely have fewer rules to follow than at a dorm.

  • There is more space to stretch outside the dorms

If you’ve done your tour around a campus before moving to Miami for college, you are aware of this. Dorm rooms are tiny. Also, they are shared with one or two roommates. The only chance of getting some more space would be having a costly private room at the dorms. However, if you decide on renting an apartment after moving to Miami for college, you won’t have to worry about this. There will be no arguments about space or messiness with a roommate. Also, there will be no confusion regarding what is whose. In an apartment, you will have your own space and freedom to with it what you want.

  • If you want to have someone over, you don’t need to ask the parents (RA)

After moving to Miami for college it is reasonable to say that most of your friends will want to check out where you are at. Not to mention mom and dad paying you a short visit because they were ‘in the neighborhood’. However, if you choose to live in a dorm after relocating to Miami for college you will need permission. Your new RA might not be as lax as your parents were in high school. So, having your own apartment after moving to Miami will definitely give you the freedom to host a small get-together. Of course, as long as you aren’t too loud!

So, with these couple of points, we leave you to your important choice. In the end, after moving to Miami for college, what will you choose: a dorm or an apartment?