Moving out of the Bronx with a family

New York is often considered a universe on to its own. NYC has its own rules, pace, and culture, and its boroughs (like the third largest, Bronx) offer unique life experiences for those who inhabit them. It is quite obvious that New Yorkers are really proud and that people from Brooklin, Staten Island, Bronx and the rest all have unique cultures and traditions they are quite famous for. This is exactly the reason that moving out, especially with family, comes off as quite a challenging experience. There are quite a few reasons to move. Maybe it is affordability, maybe it’s escaping the busy, overcrowded lifestyle or something completely else. Whatever it may be, moving out of the Bronx with a family will be made a lot easier if you hear some tips and pieces of advice we have to offer.

Children – how to make sure this goes as smooth as possible for them?

Moving with children is though. Unlike you, they can’t really understand all the things that affected your decision to move. Things like financial reasoning are beyond their comprehension.

Two boys

Younger children will cope with the move better. Home is where a family is for them, and moving together as a family will make this go easier for them.

This is exactly why communication with them is key. Here are some steps to take before you are to find expert movers in Bronx, NY and get moving:

  1. It’s your choice, not theirs – the reason why you opted for moving out of the Bronx with a family can seem alien to them. This is why you have to appear decisive. Make sure that they know that you made this choice with their best interest in mind. Children pick up on subtle clues and will surely feel a lot more secure knowing that you have taken careful consideration. Even if they themselves don’t really understand it.
  2. Let them help you – they can’t really influence the main decision, but they can feel in charge of many other things, such as deciding what to pack. Let them pick that toy that goes versus the one bound for a gift, storage or destined to be left behind.
  3. Not all children are the same – older they are, more connected to their environment they will be. Be considerate of how much does the Bronx means to the identity of a young teenager.

Researching new locations

Where are you moving to? After choosing your movers on, time to decide where are you headed. Is it the West coast, or East, or somewhere in between? Metro area or rural? Where are schools and colleges?

Doing research in moving out of Bronx with family

We predict that your research for moving out of Bronx will be done by more modern means…

In doing diligent research, here are some pointers to help you:

  • What kind of a home can you get – if your family is accustomed to Bronx apartments, how will they acclimate to a house in Tennessee?
  • Income and taxes – those high NYC taxes, rent, and prices are far from universal, and you might find to have a lot more disposable income with the same job somewhere else in the US. Here is the list of taxes per state to help you out.
  • Schools – where will your children go to school or college? This is really important to ask yourself. Also, being a new kid at school will not go easy on your children. Make sure to talk to them and ask about their concerns. And also, listen back to any wishes they may have. It is important that they walk in with confidence in a new school, ready to make new friends.
School bus

A new school is a huge deal – make it as smooth of a transition as possible.

Keep in touch

After you calculate your moving budget in advance, pick a mover and get ready to go, there is also one more thing to do – keep in touch. We know that is not exactly something you can do before you move. But, the foundation for good communication will be laid out here.

And not just for your self. Think about all the friends your kid will be leaving behind. For a small child, saying goodbye to a friend might be as emotionally hard as a literal funeral. That this into consideration. Stay in touch with parents and make every opportunity possible to reinforce your children connected to their Bronx friends. With time, and new friends at the new location, those might fade, but they are really important at the beginning.

It goes without saying that this applies especially to any extended family you have in the Bronx.

New hobbies and recreational activities – will be moving out of Bronx with a family affect those?

Ask yourself this question, will moving out of the Bronx with a family change your days off? Will it be the same to go to any other zoo than the Bronx Zoo, for example?

More than we know or would like to admit we are creatures of habits. Those habits are a consequence of our environment just as much as our personalities. For those not living by the shore, it doesn’t matter if they would actually enjoy beach days – they have no access to any.

Think about what activities you will have to give up, and what activities you can try out for the first time, for the place you are going to move into. Maybe you are hopping over to Staten Island and there are a lot of museums waiting for you, or going a little bit west, into the mid-country?

Some last words of advice

Three women

Whatever may face you in your move and at your new location, stick together as a family and all will be well.

Listen to your family. You are all in this together. At the end of the day, nothing really matters as much as you sticking together and being on the same page. Be considerate, be open, and be ready to talk about everything you will face, and when the challenges come, be sure to face them together.

In that NY spirit, there is nothing about moving out that cannot overcome. You can leave the Bronx but the Bronx won’t ever leave you!