To Prepare For A Temporary Move You Have To Plan Ahead

Moving on a short notice – military relocation guide

Moving is a part of the military. You can not escape that. Sometimes you will have enough time for packing and preparing, sometimes you will have enough time. Military Relocation is a special type of moving, and when you learn how to do that, everything after that is easy. Let’s start with the journey.

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Save your time by following this simple guide for your relocation.

How to be ready for a military relocation quickly and successfully?

When you are in the army, moving is just another part of the job. And, because of that, you should do it right. Planning a military move is not simple and easy. Follow our guide, and solve one of the problems you have now. That is how you will be prepared for PCS.

Do not take all your items

Do not make a mistake, by taking a lot of your items with you. Many people take too many items unless you are moving to a new home. If you do not a home yet, do not worry. There is a solution and you can learn how to pack like a professional. You can rent a storage unit (a temporary or long-term if your apartment is small). You can store furniture or clothes during a time in between permanent residences.

Keep paperwork in order

Always have your paperwork done. It is so much helpful to have all documents in the one place, in order. All the copies, passport, medical records, birth certificates, etc. When you moving on a short notice, you have no time to collect documents. And, if you do, you will probably forget something to do in a rush. So the smartest idea is to keep your paperwork in order. 

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Keep all your documents in the one place. That is how you will always be ready and you will not lose your time searching for them.

Schedule important appointments

If you want to ship your vehicle or to make an appointment with your doctor, do not reschedule it. You should schedule all the important appointments as soon as official orders come. The military relocation includes that you are always ready for action. Of course, you cannot do everything in one day. But, if you have a good plan, you will do all.

Start to use perishable food

As soon as you find out about moving start to use the perishable food. Otherwise, you can throw it away. You can buy grocery items you can pack and move. But, before that, use what you have in a freezer and fridge. Be creative and make a meal from the items you already have. The goal is not to waste any food. Another good side if that is, you will create new and unique dishes and it is also preparing for the military. You have to be creative and resourceful.

Spend time with your family

Every moment is special especially if you have kids. When you move on short notice, you have a lot of obligations and tasks and it is easy to forget your family. And they are the most important thing. It does not matter if you have kids or not, spend time with your family. Separate time to say goodbye.

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Your family is in the first place. So, spend time with them. As long as you are able.

PSC binder and checklist

Creating a PSC binder is very helpful for military relocation. That’s how you will keep your paperwork in order. So, how to create it? What to include? Here is our little guide example, that may help you to create your own binder.

  • Personal documents such as a passport for your military relocation.
  • All the medical records you have
  • Insurance policies
  • Vehicle documents
  • Marriage license
  • Household inventory and housing application

This is one of the examples how should your PSC binder look like. But, of course, each person is special and each person has its own needs. Also, create a checklist to avoid moving mistakes, so you will not forget anything. You can make it yourself or to copy from the internet because you have enough time. After all, you must save your time.

A checklist for a military relocation.

Always have a copy of a checklist. When you are moving on a short notice it is easy to forget something.

Plan the transportation

Make a travel plan. Also, plan what will you do with your car or motorcycle. Luckily for you, you ship your car for free, because the military will pay you. Military families usually ship one car and then buy or lease a less expensive car, for example. Another good thing is, you have military airline discounts. So, use it. Even if you are a military retiree, some airline companies have discounts too. 

Hire a moving company for a military relocation

Get some recommendation if you are moving for the first time. When you find a good and reliable moving company, do not change them. If you did not find a moving company that fits you, visit They have experience with many types of moving. Also, they can offer you a storage service, military moves, long or short distance move, and packing service. A good moving company is a key to a successful military relocation. 


Now, when you know how to move on a short notice and to have a successful military relocation, you can always be ready for action. Following this guide may be very helpful for you and your family too. Being in the military is an amazing experience you will never forget. But, you must be prepared. Sometimes you will not have too much time for packing and preparing, and that is why this simple guide can help you to deal with moving stress. Good luck!