Moving To Kuwait For Education

Moving to Kuwait for education

Studying abroad is one of the best and most exciting journeys you can experience. Not only that it gives you the opportunity to gain a higher education diploma in an environment you choose by yourself, it also lets you experience the World! Moving to Kuwait for education will be a perfect opportunity to take in a new culture, make lifelong international friendships and later create great career opportunities.

moving to Kuwait for education

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things’ – Henry Miller

Moving to Kuwait for education – Preparations

Even though people move for different reasons there are many things all relocations have in common. Therefore there are some rules and tips that could help you relocate faster and without any stress.

Finding the right moving company

moving to Kuwait as a pro

Finding a reliable mover is an important part of a stress-free relocation

As you are moving for education to Kuwait there are many things that should make your top priority list. Therefore, hiring a reliable moving company is your first task. After finding the best Kuwait moving company you will have enough time to focus on the next steps of your relocation to Kuwait.

Ensuring that your belongings will be carefully taken care of will let you have a stress free relocation. The moving industry is big and it can get pretty difficult to find a reliable moving company. Moving scams are not uncommon and therefore you should make time to research the best options for your relocation. A company that offers the best moving services in Kuwait should be your top choice.  Pay a special attention to former customers feedbacks and ratings. Also, asking your movers about the quality of their packing material, labeling and the methods of securing the packages during the move is of an extreme importance.

Make a moving plan when moving to Kuwait for studies

Being excited about the relocation and the new adventures ahead of you is the best part of a moving process. This is why many people tend to forget about making a moving plan, which can lead to troubles later on. Not having a moving checklist can make you forget some important tasks. Therefore, to help you, we have created a basic moving checklist.

smart packing

Having a packing plan will help you in the long run!

Moving checklist when relocating to Kuwait

  • Hire a reliable moving company.

Even though we have already talked about the moving companies in the previous section, this is something you will want to include in your moving plan.

  • Make a packing plan.

This is a task you can have your movers help you with. However, if, before moving to college, you do want to pack yourself we recommend you make a packing list. Create 3 piles of your possessions and divide the belongings you want to pack, donate or throw away. In order to not leave anything behind make a list of all of the stuff, you want to pack. You can divide your packing list into sections (kitchen, bedroom, etc)

Making a packing inventory and labeling your boxes will make your unpacking process easier, and help you pack like a professional! 

  • Find a safe storage place.

If you are moving out of your parents’ house, the chances are you will have plenty of storage room for the stuff you don’t need to take with you. However, if that’s not the case, make sure you find a safe storage when moving to Kuwait for education! If you are moving on a budget and can’t afford a proper storage, the best solution would be to ask your friends and relatives if they can spare some space in their garage or basement.

  • Create a to-do list before moving to Kuwait for education.

This list should include tasks you need to do prior to your relocation to Kuwait. Informing your phone provider about the canceling the contract should make the list. Also, don’t forget to find someone to take care of your pets if you plan to move without them!

Moving to Kuwait for studies- all you need to know

When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.’ – Clifton Fadiman.

Moving to a new country is going to be challenging by itself, and being prepared for the cultural shock will help you adapt quickly. Even though Kuwait is an Islamic country,  you will find that their culture has been influenced quite a bit by the Western traditions. However, you will be expected to adapt to some cultural rules like dressing moderately. Also, keep in mind Kuwaitians are also not keen on showing affection in public.

Top reasons for moving to Kuwait for education

choose the right study program when moving to Kuwait for education

Studying abroad will help your professional and personal growth!

  • Safe environment.

Kuwait is a very safe country for residents as well as fo the expects. The only thing to keep in mind regarding the safety is the hectic traffic.

  • The rich culture and an amazing cuisine.

You will enjoy exploring the Kuwaitian culture, and meeting the people. Even though Arabic is the official language in Kuwait, English is the language of business. Therefore you will have no troubles when meeting new people and getting around.

  • High healthcare standards.

Even though only residents have access to the free public healthcare system, there are many great private health institutions.

  • The strong economy and career opportunities.

Kuwait has one of the best economies in the World and their currency, the Kuwaiti dinar is strong.

  • Great educational system

Education in Kuwait

As Kuwait is all about the high standards, the same goes for the education. There are many great bachelor and master study programs you can enroll in.  Diverse academic studies are the best thing about the Kuwaitian education. Most of the universities have a mandatory Arabic language class. Therefore you will have an opportunity to learn a new language as well.

Bachelor studies in Kuwait usually take 3 years and the most notable universities are in Kuwait City. Kuwait University is the most famous one.

Tuition fees and scholarships when studying in Kuwait

Tuition fees in Kuwait vary due to different types of colleges and universities. Foreigners on a student visa are not allowed to work in Kuwait. Therefore you need to plan your budget carefully. Applying for a scholarship could help you reduce the expenses.

When moving to Kuwait for education, students can expect housing expenses somewhere in between of $590 up to $1800 on monthly basis.