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Moving to New Hampshire after college – best places for young people

College life is over, and that was probably the best period of your life, but, not it is time to move on and to start a new chapter. Moving after college is part of that process. Where will you move? Of you want to try to move to another state, do it. Try new things, get new experiences, meet new people, work on your career, etc. Moving to New Hampshire after college is one of the options to consider, since this small state has a lot to offer to new grads.

Graduation ceremony.
A new life begins after college is done

But, even this state is small, it has a lot of places where you can move and start a new life. Also, you need to make a plan on how to move successfully.

Best places in NH for recent grads students

Where are the best places in NH for younger people who are hungry for a career? Which cities have more opportunities than others? Young professionals are looking for a place that has a lot of open jobs, companies, bars, clubs, etc. Besides starting your career after graduating from college you will want to have fun and meet new young people too.

Some of the best places you, as a fresh college grad, should consider these places for moving to New Hampshire after college.

NH map and a flag.
NH is a small state but it has plenty of places where you can move as a young person


A small town with a population of about 9,050, but it is not a reason not to include this place on the list. It has a great downtown atmosphere, fun community events, beautiful parks, and at the same time you can consider raising your kids here because schools are highly rated. Relocate to your new home in Newmarket and try to live in a small and friendly town in NH.


This place gives residents a dense suburban feel and it has a lot of young professionals. The average rent is $1,250 and there are plenty of apartments you can rent. You should not have a problem finding a roommate after college here. It is a fun small town perfect for you.


Another smaller town in NH is Dover. It has a lot of parks, restaurants, bars, and the median rent is only $1,100. A friendly town that continues to grow and that is why many young professionals want to move here after college. Also, many families tend to live here because it has quiet places and many family-friendly spots.


One of the most diverse places in NH is Lebanon. It has all, something for young professionals seeking jobs, families with kids, and retires too. If you love to drive, this place is for you, because there are no taxis. But, yes, it has public transportation, still, most people own a vehicle. Beautiful nature is all around you, a perfect place to enjoy after all those years studying.


Nashua is a bigger town in Hillsborough County, NH and it was the most livable city in the USA twice. Downtown is full of pubs and one of the main reasons why younger people want to move here is a number of open jobs. Moving to New Hampshire after college, particularly in Nashua is definitely an option to consider because of available jobs.


A small suburb of Manchester with a population of almost 26,000. If you want to live here for good, this place is one of the best places in NH to buy a house. Almost 90% of residents are owning a house here and the average home price is $274,000. Find a crew to help you settle down in Merrimack and you may stay here for years, even you can raise your kids here. The median household income is $103,000 which is a lot more than the national average.


Hanover – one of the best places to live in New Hampshire, to raise a family, and is has the best public schools. That is not all, the median household income is $133,500. There are many employment opportunities in this area and that is why many young people are moving here after college.

Preparing for moving to New Hampshire after college

After choosing a place in NH where to move after college, it is time to plan and organize your relocation there. The best and safest way to move your items to NH is to hire a moving company from there because they already know the area. Research movers online, a website to start with is preferred-movers.com since this company has the experience and it is a reliable company.

Packing a box for moving to New Hampshire after college.
Pack items from your college and items you have left in your parents home too

Create your budget and look for ways to have affordable relocation. Pack your items by yourself, try to get free packing materials, ask friends for help, etc. Most students need to save money when moving out of a college dorm because they are just starting to look for a job and a new place to live in.

Ask friends from college to move together with you because it is easier to adjust after college when you have someone you already know besides you. Consider this option and you don’t have to look for a new roommate after moving. That is a big plus, especially when you are new in town.


Choosing a place to live is the first step when moving to New Hampshire after college, so choose it smartly. Moving in with your parents is not the ideal situation, and you need to start a new life and career too. Move to a place that offers you a lot of job opportunities, decent salary, and entertainment options. Now the “real” life begins and the real problems, but if you live in a good city, it will be easier to handle. Good luck!