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Moving to Northern Virginia to study: 5 factors to consider

College time is for most people the best experience and period of their lives. You don’t get any younger, and this is the last phase before adulthood. That is why you need to enjoy it and do it properly. Moving to Northern Virginia to study is a good idea, that is for sure. But, it is not as simple as you might think it is. There will be plenty of things to think about and consider. And we prepared the five most important ones for you, so you can be ready when this day comes. Although, you should know that if you don’t consider the following things, you might not be able to relocate at all. So, get ready and remember all those things to know so you can have the best time of your life.

Before moving to Northern Virginia, you must get accepted into the university

Even though this factor could sound as not that much important to you, it is. And there are multiple reasons why. The first one is so you don’t get ahead of yourself. Your expectations can go really high, but if you don’t achieve getting into college, you won’t relocate there. And this is something you need to think about even before you decide that you want to move for sure. So, what you should do is simple. Research about university options in Northern Virginia. And find the one that can offer you those occupations that you are interested in. Once you do, apply to all of them. Don’t be picky and don’t make the mistake of applying to only one. The more the merrier. You know what they say, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Once you apply it is very important that you stay calm and patient. Sometimes people wait for months until they receive a letter with the final answer from the university. And because you don’t know anything for sure and you don’t want to be disappointed in the end, it is better to wait with hiring Zippy Shell DMV movers, or any other, for this relocation. There will be enough time for that, once you get your approval.

Girl preparing her college application so moving to Northern Virginia to study can happen.
Moving to Northern Virginia to study won’t be possible if you don’t give your best when applying for college.

Once you have your answer, it is time to think about the second factor you should be aware of

When this whole waiting process ends, it is time for some exciting and fun parts. So, the first thing a person that is about to move to Northern Virginia to study should think of is the budget. Relocation is definitely not something that is affordable and cheap. In fact, it is quite expensive. So, you should really know your limits. Especially when you are a student and your budget is very limited. What we advise you, is to calculate it and keep track of it. This is, without a doubt, the best solution. If you look for the top tips for students that are moving away for college you will see that this one is simply a must. And at the same time, it will be better for you to do it. Because if you do, your entire relocation will be stress-free. And that is the goal.

Finding housing solutions is the third factor you should consider when moving to Northern Virginia to study

As you already may know, one of the trickiest things about moving away for college is housing. Of course, this step is mandatory. Because if you don’t find a place where you will live, you won’t be able to move at all. So don’t even think about figuring this out once you arrive in Northern Virginia. It is not a situation where you can be relaxed. Neither you should. So, to be safe on time, research all the options that are budget-student-friendly. You will need that. Now you may not understand why, but don’t worry. Soon enough you will. Remember that dormitories are the most affordable options, but they are the smallest ones as well. So you will have to consider renting a unit for excess stuff. But more about that you will read in the following chapter.

Dorm room with bunk beds and a nice view.
Dorm rooms are the smallest, but cheapest at the same time!

The fourth thing to do and consider is hiring professionals for this relocation

It doesn’t really matter where exactly you come from. Hiring professional movers is a must. Not only your relocation will be much more affordable, but it will be faster as well. And of course, there are very low chances of challenges or any possibilities of some unwanted scenarios. Which is very important to consider. When and if you do this on your own, it can easily happen that you break some things that are fragile. And there is no one to cover for that. With movers, you won’t have that problem. So hurry up and schedule your moving day. Once you do that, you can focus on finding 4 places college students love to visit when moving to Northern Virginia to study.

When you are moving to Northern Virginia to study you need to pack, and that is the fifth very important factor to consider

Let’s be honest, no one likes packing. But to relocate from one place to another, packing is a mandatory step. So, as long as you accept that, you will be fine. Try not to postpone your packing until the last moment. Because it can become a disaster if you do. Now, this won’t be the most affordable option, but you can always ask your movers about packing services. This way you won’t have to deal with it. But if you must, better do it on time and properly. If you don’t do it so, you might even regret it afterward.

Friends gathered in a dorm room.
Meeting new people and hanging out with friends is the best thing about college.

Don’t miss out on any fun

Now that you are ready and you can start moving to Northern Virginia to study, there is one small tip we have for you. And that is not to miss out on any fun. The college experience is all about meeting new people and spending time with your friends. Many adventures are waiting for you, so make sure you say yes to them.