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Moving to Pennsylvania for college

So, you came to a point in your life when you need to decide what next. You will graduate from your high school soon and therefore you have to choose your college. You checked all the possibilities and decided that moving to Pennsylvania for college would be the best for you. Then you started looking for reliable movers, googled easy packing tips, thought about your life in a new city. But, wait for a second! First, you need to choose the right college!

We know that the moving process is tough and that it requires a lot of effort. You need to find reliable movers, pack your stuff, assure that you don’t forget anything and that all of your stuff get to a new place safely. But don’t worry, professional movers will make sure that you don’t lose anything and that your moving goes smoothly. You can peacefully look for the right college for you. After all, that is the main reason why you are moving to Pennsylvania!

Moving to Pennsylvania for college

It’s time to make a life decision of moving to Pennsylvania for college

How to choose the right place when moving to Pennsylvania for college?

Some people know from childhood that they want to become a doctor or a lawyer. Others do not even have a clue where they want to work. Finances and school grades allow someone to go to any university, while someone chooses from what is available. What if you do not know which university is better for you? Well, it depends on what prevents you from making a choice.

You do not know which university is better

First of all, a good university is a vague concept. So to understand which university will make a schoolboy a great specialist, you need to dig a lot of data.

Look at the rating

Checking college's rates

You can even check their rates online

Note that the ratings of universities are different. Simple lists like “100 best universities in the world” are not suitable. That’s because what they evaluate is not always necessary for the future profession. Look for ratings that reflect the employment of graduates: how many specialists found a job after school, how quickly they settled and whether they work in the specialty at all.

If you are planning to apply, ask the university representatives if it’s easy for graduates to find a job. Perhaps the university does not track the fate of all graduates, but at least cooperates with employers and helps in finding a job. Therefore, ask about such programs: do they exist and on what terms.

Communicate with graduates

Social networks are full of groups of graduates. So look for them and ask the former students if what they got was worth of time and effort. A sample list of questions:

  1. How do employers react to a university diploma?
  2. Was knowledge from lectures and seminars useful in the work?
  3. How do they evaluate the college?
  4. Are graduates happy with the level of salary? How quickly do they move up in the career?

Go to all days of open doors

If you decided that moving to Pennsylvania for college is for you, then find some information. The universities hold meetings with the entrants to praise themselves. Walk around, listen. Ask how to find work after university, whether it is possible to transfer to another university and how to do it.

You do not know what you want to be

Do not worry if you have not decided what you want to do. You have time to choose the job of your dreams. But if you want to act now (so as not to waste time or for other reasons), try to find a suitable option.

Look for professions that you do not know about

Thinking cloud

Think carefully. That’s one of the most important decisions

So, find the list of professions and see what you can do. Just read the descriptions of the professions in order. If you like something, go to any job search portal and look for vacancies. Analyze what demands they have and what you will have to be able to do.

Sometimes such free search gives more than all the tests of career counseling.

Choose a university with a large number of courses

If in a year or two you realize that you want to do something different, you can find a suitable specialty within your university. Then it will also be easier to transfer to another university.

You do not have money

Studying is expensive. Or is it?

Do not get hung up on a famous name

Roughly speaking, if you want to become a mathematician, you need to become a mathematician, not a student of the Best Mathematics University. Therefore, look for the necessary specialty in other universities. Maybe you will find an option in less known university, but with a scholarship.

Choose a university with good scholarships

Many universities encourage active and talented students by paying them additional scholarships. So, find out if there are such students in your university. Then ask how they did it. There will be a small thing left – to become one of the best students at the university.

Checklist of the school graduate

If you are confused, what to do right now, then check a short instruction:

  1. Decide what you want to be.
  2. Make a list of universities that have the required specialty.
  3. Strike out the ones that you can not afford.
  4. In different rankings, check the position of the remaining ones.
  5. Choose several universities for which you should make an effort.

Still not sure?

You are moving to Pennsylvania for college, but still can’t find the university for you? We can also help you with that. Here’s the list of some of the best universities in Pennsylvania. So check if one of them is good for you.

  1. University of Pennsylvania
  2. Carnegie Mellon University
  3. Swarthmore College
  4. Haverford College
  5. Lehigh University
  6. Bucknell University
  7. Lafayette College
  8. Franklin & Marshall College
  9. Penn State University
  10. University of Pittsburgh