Learning For Moving To The USA For College

Moving to the USA for college

Moving to America for college is a good opportunity to work on your education. But, moving to the USA for college is not simple. Luckily, we are here to help you with some tips. Being prepared is one of the major steps. So, let’s start.

What to do before moving to the USA for college?

First, you must know some things before moving to America to study. That experience does not have a price. It is also exciting and fun. But, only if you are prepared. If you want to fulfill your dream to move to the USA and study there in some of the best colleges, then get started.

The USA flag.

Use this opportunity to work on your education and to meet America.

Get your visa and healthcare insurance

A student visa is a must. You will need an F1 visa, passport, an I20 and some type of healthcare insurance. You can’t move to America without these documents. They are crucial. Even after moving, you must always have a passport and visa with you. A health service is expensive in the USA, because of that, international students are advised to buy a medical insurance. But, check this information with your future university. Some universities in America cover the health insurance of their international students.

Prepare your finances

Checking an account is necessary. What will you need to have a bank account? A passport, address, contact information, and I94. Most of the universities in the USA organize a place to stay (a student dorm) for their new students. After you adjust to living there, you can choose where to live and to move out from a dorm. But, only if you can move from the college dorm (campus).

Transportation and housing

If you want to drive in the USA, that requires an international passport and a driving test. And with the address and bank ATM, you can buy groceries or anything you want in the stores. The address can be your college dorm or a separate home where you live with some American family.

Learn the language well

You always should work on your English language. If English is your second language, then do not be shy to ask for help. That is how you will understand the material in class better. Being an international student is not simple, and the language can make that even harder. So, work on your education and language as much as you can. But, when you meet new friends in the USA, your English will be much better, do not worry. You are not the only international student in America.

Do your shopping

Before you arrive in the USA, we recommend you to order new bed sheets, mattress and anything you need for your college life. Do online shopping, tell them your future address and when you want your delivery. Clothing, shoes you can buy in your country. It will take time until you learn where are the shops where you can buy new clothes. But, do not forget your favorite pajamas or any item that will remind you of home. Leaving home for college was never easy, and it would nice to have something special with sentimental value.

Life after moving to the USA for college

When you come to a foreign country, it might be very stressful. You will miss your family and friends. But, to avoid that, always remember why you are there and what is your goal. You will meet a lot of new friends, different people, and your education will be at a high level.

Preparing for moving by searching information online.

Learn as much as you can, before and after moving to America for college.

Carry your ID!

Always, always carry your student ID and a green card. Unless you want troubles. It is a good idea to keep document copies on your email. Without your student ID, you cannot enter the campus. Also, it has many different advantages too. You can visit some museums, theaters, libraries… for free, while you are a student. Use that opportunity to meet America and its history.

Unlock your phone

To use the USA, sim card, you must unlock your phone. Now, you are living here, so you should have American’s phone number. So, after that, purchase a prepaid sim for your phone. That is how you can install some necessary apps for public transportation or maps for example. And, of course, to stay in touch with your new friends.

Explore America

While you are in America, use that opportunity not only for your education but also, to travel and to visit new cities. There are so many free things you should visit while you are a student.

  • Moving to the USA for college is giving you a chance to visit the most popular festivals and concerts.
  • If you love food, try the most popular food in America. Burgers, french fries, different types of pizzas, bbq, Oreos, etc.
  • Visit museums to learn about American history.
  • Watch a sports game live, for example, NBA, NFL…

Be open to meet new people

Be active! Also, do not be shy to ask questions. For example, where is the classroom, library, where to eat…Exchange phone numbers with at least two or three students in each class. That is how you will know always what is going on. Be open, and communicate with other students around you. Good places to meet people are extracurricular activities. What do you prefer? Music, art, sport or literature. Also, try new things you have never done before. Try new sports, learn t play some instrument, etc.

People hanging out.

Be open to meet new people. You will adjust faster that way.

Moving to the USA for college is a big step in your life and education. Be happy because they do not have all that chance to study in America. This is an opportunity you should not miss. Some of the best universities in the world are in the USA. Good luck with your big move. Do your best and show that you have earned to be there.